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Back In Time: Re-Visiting Historical Waterloo Region
[Image: JwK8fpN.jpg]
Windsor hotel burning (City Hall's right wing is there now)

[Image: TYTGfqT.jpg]
GRH, the building on the left still stands

[Image: EOT46Yh.jpg]

[Image: U8CPwq9.jpg]

[Image: ZKww8ad.jpg]

Former Courthouse (mid-century courthouse between Queen and Frederick now)

[Image: PbZv8W4.jpg]

[Image: hQW4gee.jpg]

[Image: YviQSp3.jpg]

Wow ... Seagram lands are looking pretty empty in those last couple of photos!
Berlin Welcomes Cityhood 17 July 1912 from Waterloo Library Archives

Check out the 1912 "LRT" running down King Street 

[Image: RQJpsLD.jpg]
(08-14-2015, 08:35 PM)tomh009 Wrote: Wow ... Seagram lands are looking pretty empty in those last couple of photos!

Shows the massive transformation that that area has seen over the past few years.
A series of galleries on the website of Steve Munro, Toronto-based transit advocate, depicting the final days of the KPUC trolley buses (and the start of Kitchener Transit diesel service), in 1973: https://stevemunro.ca/2017/06/21/kitchen...s-gallery/
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This is so awesome!! Thanks for posting this Kevin.
For daily ion construction updates, photos and general urban rail news, follow me on twitter! @Canardiain
I remember getting a bit "car sick" more than once on the old trolleys. They provided a very jerky ride!
(08-14-2015, 08:29 PM)Lens Wrote: [Image: JwK8fpN.jpg]
Windsor hotel burning (City Hall's right wing is there now)
Here's another angle, with one of them Trolley cars in bottom corner
[Image: 144013a4-e421-4902-8f26-0d8ddff7cf7b_zpsqghbonqi.jpg]
The Windsor hotel burning photo is so interesting for a lot of reasons. As a somewhat of a fire fighting equipment enthusiast, I'm thrilled to see what they were using back then.
(07-14-2015, 10:32 PM)panamaniac Wrote: The Waterloo town hall was at Albert and Erb, where the Marsland Centre now stands.  It was demolished in 1969.  Waterloo City Hall had been moved some years earlier into rented space in the Waterloo Square building.

I walked or rode my bike past Waterloo City Hall on my way to swimming lessons at the Waterloo Park pool in the 1960s.
Interesting that both Kitchener and Waterloo moved their city offices into spaces built by mall developers, before building their own city halls again.
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Is Waterloo's current City Hall owned by the City, or do they lease the space?
I think in both cases, the Cities intended to build new City Halls, but it took a while to come up with the right plan, location and funding. I believe that both Cities now own their City Halls outright.
I know Cambridge and Kitchener leased office space... but where was Waterloo's before their current location?

In the Waterloo Square office tower, long since demolished.
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
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