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ONE28 | 15 fl | Proposed
I'm pretty sure I seen the latest render on the site when I went past over the weekend.
The project is now being branded as "the Crown on King".
This looks great and judging by the website they're going with the contemporary glass/dark brick look proposal.

The rest of the designs are really awkward. That first proposal reminds me of post-modernism circa 1980s - and not in a good way - where the second one with the red brick bottom/glass top is not much better. Glass and brick do work wonderful when done right but in that particular design, the base is just too wide and the brick is just far too dominant on the ground level. Whomever the architect was for that one made a mess.
The final design is a HUGE improvement. Actually looks pretty good!
The billboards on this site have been taken down.

With the sign coming down, might that mean it's dead? Or just that it's moving ahead, and demolition is going to start soon on those properties?
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I wish they would do something here, it's been in a state of disrepair ever since the development proposals began to surface.
The land assembly is on the market:

(03-16-2017, 01:09 PM)BobbyDaSilva Wrote: The land assembly is on the market:


Just a touch under $10M an acre.  Granted, they have site plan approvals etc, but surely this is some kind of a new record for land prices in K-W?
I noticed that 6 Elgin, which is part of the parcel and was until recently occupied, has been boarded up and utilities shutoff. Perhaps the parcel was purchased?
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
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