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ONE28 | 15 fl | Proposed
(Formerly "The Crown on King")
128 King Street North, Waterloo


[Image: 128-king-street-3.jpg]

First Proposal:

[Image: Picture-3-266x300.jpg]
Second Proposal:

[Image: 128-KING-STREET_April-03-14.jpg]

[Image: View-Side.jpg][Image: View-Corner.jpg][Image: View-Back.jpg]
Council approves Elgin St. condo
June 18, 2014 | James Jackson | Waterloo Chronicle | Link

Quote:After making several changes to a proposed condo development at the corner of King Street and Elgin Street in Waterloo, a developer has finally received council approval to proceed with the project.

Councillors deferred the project in January due to uncertainties over how the building would impact the neighbourhood, or how proposed density bonusing would benefit residents and the community.

The building will amalgamate the lands at 128, 130, 136 and 138 King St. N. and 6 Elgin St. and the 14-storey building will include 110 units, 144 bedrooms, 80 parking spaces and commercial space on the ground floor.

It will also include several density bonusing provisions, including: the remediation of contaminated soil from the site (a former gas station and service centre), a LEED energy efficiency rating of silver, and multi-modal transit options including a secure bicycle parking and repair area, electric vehicle charging stations and parking for Grand River Car Share.

The developer will also pitch in up to $150,000 for a public art display and make streetscape improvements.

An earlier staff report lacked specific detail on how the density bonusing would play out on the site, which was one reason for why it was deferred in January.

The city also held several public meetings with nearby residents to discuss the development and any concerns they might have. Those concerns were then forwarded to the developer and solutions were drawn up.

One of the primary worries was the proposed height of 20 storeys, prompting the developer to change the layout and reduce the height to 14 storeys. The site will also include 80 parking spots divided between an underground garage and parking spots on the second floor.

“This iteration is viable and it fits the architectural design of the area,” said Chris Pidgeon of GSP Group, the agent representing the developer.

“This development has come a long way and I appreciate staff, neighbours and the builder collaborating,” said Coun. Melissa Durrell. “I think it’s interesting that it was once a gas station and will now have electric car charging stations.”
Looks like this project has been redesigned by Icon Architects, and from what I can see this is the most aesthetically pleasing.
Don't know if its remaining mixed use (I hope it does) and it is now 18 stories.


[Image: 128-king-street-3.jpg]
Do we know if indeed this is the newest design? It feels like this thing has been redesigned a hundred times.
I wonder why they're calling it 128 King, instead of the more round number 130 King.
(07-20-2015, 08:37 AM)Markster Wrote: I wonder why they're calling it 128 King, instead of the more round number 130 King.

Lucky number 8, perhaps?
(07-20-2015, 09:42 AM)BuildingScout Wrote:
(07-20-2015, 08:37 AM)Markster Wrote: I wonder why they're calling it 128 King, instead of the more round number 130 King.

Lucky number 8, perhaps?

For Chinese students/investors with a penchant for luck, it would certainly be the preferred number. We want parking in purchased units not necessarily for our cars, but because it could lower the sale/resale price by limiting the market for the unit. Similarly, why not take the free boost that comes from picking 128 instead of 130?
Looks better in binary too, I suppose!

10000000 King
I'm pretty sure I seen the latest render on the site when I went past over the weekend.
The project is now being branded as "the Crown on King".
This looks great and judging by the website they're going with the contemporary glass/dark brick look proposal.

The rest of the designs are really awkward. That first proposal reminds me of post-modernism circa 1980s - and not in a good way - where the second one with the red brick bottom/glass top is not much better. Glass and brick do work wonderful when done right but in that particular design, the base is just too wide and the brick is just far too dominant on the ground level. Whomever the architect was for that one made a mess.
The final design is a HUGE improvement. Actually looks pretty good!
The billboards on this site have been taken down.
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