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General Suburban Updates and Rumours
(09-18-2017, 09:21 PM)Pheidippides Wrote: Noticed that the development lands between Greenhouse Rd and Hopewell Creek along highway 7 are well in to the grading and SWM pond creation phase. A huge number of large machines all lined up along there on Sunday.

Is there anything preventing full development between Kitchener/Cambridge and Guelph? I'd imagine withe the upgrades to hwy 7 that this would be very desirable development land. In a few decades will it be the quad-cities?
Waterloo Region has a development boundary. Unless they change the boundary, development won't occur past Breslau as you can see in this image. 
[Image: Map-7.jpg]

Does Guelph have something similar? It would be unfortunate if those rural areas were absorbed by the suburbs. I love cycling through that area.
Ontario's Places to Grow Act map for the area clearly shows non-urban (eg countryside) uses between Waterloo and Guelph with no plans to merge the two urban areas.
*sigh*...so much "Prime agricultural land" still within the boundary.

I suspect that despite the plans, the space between Guelph and KW will still go. There's going to be pushback against such policies of course, and even if they are eventually locked down, the enormous investment the highway represents is likely to going to make economic concerns overriding in that area. It's the same reason I would strongly oppose any highway through the greenbelt. No matter how strong the protections are, money is incredibly powerful, and when the government has such substantial investments in infrastructure, it's very easy to let the line move a little bit.
How many interchanges are planned for the new highway between the Region's countryside line and it's Guelph equivalent (if there is one)?
Elmira Road is Guelph's urban growth boundary, so I guess that interchange is within the boundary- just. Likewise for Shantz Station- is it just outside or just inside our boundary?
This news about redevelopment of the Satellite Motel for affordable and market housing struck me as good news in terms of affordable housing, and good news for Hespeler Rd. As long as somebody saves the rocket ship .... Wink

A for lease sign out front of The Descartes building has recently been marked leased.
They're at it again in Laurelwood.

Group raises $35,000 to battle city decision on Muslim prayer centre
Has there ever been a case of the OMB overturning municipal approval of rezoning for a place of worship in favour of a community group opposing the project?  I'd be very surprised if there were.
(10-31-2017, 05:16 PM)panamaniac Wrote: Has there ever been a case of the OMB overturning municipal approval of rezoning for a place of worship in favour of a community group opposing the project?  I'd be very surprised if there were.

The only winner here is the lawyer who is now $35,000 richer.  We need to build a wall to keep out Trump's thinking up here....

At Ira Needles/Highland, apartment 1 is on the second story, apartment 2 is working on the basement, and columns for what looks to be a parking structure are starting to appear close to the existing stacked townhouses.
Article today about development in northwest Waterloo.
The Beaver Creek District Plan.

New plan will fill the hole in the middle in protected area
Quote:It’s an out of the way part of Waterloo that nobody really sees unless you hike through the bush of the Laurel Creek Nature Centre.

Across the Laurel Creek and through the protected forest, there is a clearing in the middle of the woods. It’s been like that since anybody can remember, a rare bit of farmable land in the middle of nowhere.

But it isn’t nowhere, it's part of the Beaver Creek District Plan and the zone change application coming to council Nov. 27 for the Kartway and Northgate Developments that could put hundreds of new homes and townhouse condominiums on the north west side of the city along Conservation Drive.
Apparently the City of Waterloo will be redoing Conservation Drive between Beaver Creek and Erbsville next year in advance of this development. Long overdo, that section of Conservation is a hellscape.
Pretty significant earthworks happening on the east side of Highway 85 at the Lexington Road overpass, any information on this project? 215 Lexington Road? I remember the retirement residence being involved in a redevelopment but can't find information on it.

Edit: Found it! http://theuptown.ca/

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