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General Suburban Updates and Rumours
599 Strasburg Rd

The building permits GIS has no details but it looks like a site plan for an apartment has been approved for this location.
[Image: UXzn9vc.png]

The only other glimmer of detail I could find was from this GRCA document:

Quote:6. Application # 240/12

Owner: Drewlo Holdings Inc.
Project Location: 599 Strasburg Road, City of Kitchener
Work Proposed: To remove 0.02 ha of wetland
Policy Application: The application is within a wetland and satisfies GRCA policy
requirements for removal.
Conditions: 1. The submission and approval of final plans to the satisfaction of
Grand River Conservation Authority staff.
Other: A satisfactory Environmental Impact Study has been submitted for
this proposal.

If there is something in the works for this site, it will likely be another Drewlo generic apartment building. When more details emerge we can create a separate thread.

Thanks for the info rangersfan. I contacted Drewlo Holdings and they tell me that yes, they own the land but have no immediate plans for a building.
In an email from Drewlo Holdings Inc they tell me that "the building on Strasburg Road should hopefully be up in two years although nothing is certain at this point."

I saw some activity at the site yesterday but whatever they're doing sure seems to move at a snail's pace. 
Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere already but does anyone know what the excavation work being done out on King St E beside the Hampton Inn is for?
I was wondering the same thing driving by today.
Could be taking out fuel tanks; it used to be a gas station.
I noticed a brief construction fence and possibly some core samples taken at the vacant lot at Highland Rd E and Spadina (across from PetroMart). The fence is long gone, but now there are a few stakes in the ground and a tree near the site has been removed.
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
It's been happening every once and awhile. I wonder if it is soil remediation.
Development freeze in Kitchener’s Freeport area to be lifted in new year
Waterloo Region Record
By Catherine Thompson  

KITCHENER — After more than 10 years, a development freeze in the Freeport area of Kitchener will be lifted in the new year, thanks to a new sewage pumping station.

Work on the $12.25-million Freeport sewage pumping station is on time and on budget, said Hans Gross, the city's director of engineering.

A development freeze had been imposed on the area more than a decade ago when the old pumping station at 3563 King St. E.reached its capacity. ...

What do people think about this development by Victoria and Lackner?

First I'm surprised development approvals do not come with an expiry date. Say ten years or so.

Having said that looking at Google maps there seems to be plenty of green space around that area, so developing the woods seems reasonable, particularly if they can work out an agreement to keep the oldest trees and build around them.
Proposed for 430 Connaught St in Kitchener

[Image: 400_000_430_connaught_street_kitchener_o...524804.jpg]
Biggest drive-thru I've seen in quite some time.
That lot is quite small so it probably won't be so large.

An updated render of 661 Stirling S.

[Image: 4d072284b5c0460788420637d59d3d65.jpg]
Is that the proposal for the corner of Stirling and Homer Watson?
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