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Station Park (née SIXO) | 28 + 20? + 12? + ? fl | Proposed
Disappointing, but not surprising

Yes but they are also building a dedicated sales office on site right now. 

I’m sure the plot of land is large enough for development to start without impacting the tenants of the offices. They could build all along the north west and north east corners before needing the office space to be vacant.
The north-east corner is slated to be the rental tower, no?
(05-23-2019, 12:22 AM)taylortbb Wrote: The fact it's 1-3 year terms I think suggests Van Mar is planning to wait out the current downtown building boom before trying to sell units here, but hasn't abandoned plans entirely.

I'm not sure there is a bubble to pop anytime soon. The development charge exemption is over, but we're still seeing new projects show up now, and there are many others in the pipeline. But, yes, likely the boom will subside somewhat.
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