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Station Park (née SIXO) | 28 + 20? + 12? + ? fl | Proposed
Thought it is a consortium between Zehr Group etc? The usual suspects...

This one is supposed to be the 'It' development of Kitchener...little disheartening to see the thread (and idea of the development) date back to 2014 - but that seems common w/ a lot of projects I guess. Hopefully moving forward things will be progress faster from idea inception to sales to breaking ground to completion!
(12-13-2018, 12:51 PM)Momo26 Wrote: Thought it is a consortium between Zehr Group etc? The usual suspects...

I thought so too, but I also remember seeing a for sale ad for the site.

I'd assume there needs to be some zoning amendments made for it to happen as designed?
It will definitely need variances so we'll see it in council before it goes ahead.

This project is outside the area for the development fee exemption (which ends in two months' time) so it has surely had lower priority for getting going.
New name.
Station Park

[Image: m28oola.jpg]
Hey, if you can't get a project built, you can at least give it a new name. In this case an improved name (imho).
I liked Sixo. The issue is that I think most people didn't know that it was derived from the address
The name Sixo is unique and stands out. While I think Google searching "Station Park" will bring up more results relating to parking, train stations, train station parking rather than a Development on the edge of Downtown Kitchener.
It feels a little suburban to me for some reason
It's all a bit academic ....
It's a rather strange turn of events for this property.
It felt like we waited a along while to see project renders, a whole new website and renders were released early this year, shortly after it seemed the property went up for sale and now the project has a new name and potentially a new vision.
No sales were ever attempted as far as I can tell.
How awesome if the new vision included a 50 storey condo
I think it's safe to say we have no idea what the vision for this site will actually be (my prediction)
Kitchener Sixo site acquired by new developer, being 'reimagined'


Quote:VanMar Developments, a division of VanMar Constructors Inc., announced its acquisition of the property at 607-641 King St. W. earlier this week.

The development project has been rebranded "Station Park" and will be somewhat similar to the concept introduced by the Zehr Group back in 2017, according to Paul Leveck, founder and CEO of Urban Legend Developments Ltd., a partner with VanMar.
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
I hope they can "reimagine" a better name before they build something. Might as well just call it "apartment block" or something.
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