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SIXO Midtown | 28 + 20? + 12? + ? fl | Proposed
Yeah that is what I was thinking, unless the advert was for some other location ( which I doubt that this is the case) .
I sincerely hope they do not go with that bright red facade. The orange in the smaller image looks a bit better, but that red...yuck.
There's enough brown or orangeish colour in the area now. Bright red would liven things up a bit. Everything doesn't need to be dull colour.
I am a fan of the red in the render. As anyone heard any news on this project recently?
Looking at the two images, I wonder if it's supposed to give the impression of red brick? Or if it'll maybe be bright red after all. Either way I'd be ok with that.
If you look at the colour of the bus and the flowers, I do believe it's intended as bright red tile.
The new Wurth Canada head office in Guelph uses this red, and their new building is quite unique and overall well done.

[Image: Wurth-Side-1024x576.jpg]
Image from: http://allianceroofing.ca/portfolio/wurth-canada/ 
Either way I love the concept. Where my frustration comes into play is that there are no shovels in the ground!! King St is tore up and once you have LRT going in place this will only add headaches with development going on. Kings Crossing and the McD's across the road should be going full tilt right now cause they have 16 months of the road being closed for grade separation and hopefully Google will be rolling in their new digs by then...
Is McD's slated for redevelopment?
(07-14-2015, 01:10 PM)panamaniac Wrote: Is McD's slated for redevelopment?

There's only speculation about that, based on the fact that they have not renovated, so on.

I agree strongly, white_brian, that now is the time for King's Crossing to go ahead, if possible. With so much work being done all around them, it's a relatively great time for those businesses to be closed and the plaza to be demolished and reconstructed.
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