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Google Maps and satellite imagery of KW
Google Maps has recently updated much of K-W's satellite view with very recent images (can be definitively dated to November 11, 2014 due to cenotaph crowds and the progress of various construction projects). You can see strips of Ion construction in the Fairway hydro corridor and on Caroline Street; the new Block Line bridge; McLennan Park; and various other new projects.

Notably outside the range of this is the University of Waterloo, the Boardwalk, the Fairway bridge, and other things at the fringes of the cities.

Another hitch is only satellite view has this; if you're in a newer browser the aerial-imagery view may be called 'Earth', which does not have the update - you'll need to switch to 'classic Google Maps' using the settings, first.
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Streetview has been recently updated with imagery from April-June 2014 as well.
Interesting stitching of the Aerial view over UW.  You can see St. Jerome's residence and the Needles Hall expansion underway but you can also only see the ghost outline of the Renison Expansion and the Science Teaching Complex.   And the QNC is still under construction too.
Incidentally Google Earth Pro is now free. (Previously it cost $399 per year.)
(02-12-2015, 09:25 AM)ookpik Wrote: Incidentally Google Earth Pro is now free. (Previously it cost $399 per year.)

Thanks for the heads up!
I noticed this the other day when I was looking at the maps of downtown and noticed the City Centre and One Victoria condos going up... the City Centre crane is right over city hall!
In an "Earth" mode browser, there has been a slight update, in the very north of the city. A line cutting across Conestoga Mall shows the expansion Target made.
Neat! I remember seeing the Google StreetView car while driving on Bridgeport last summer, and sure enough, I was able to spot myself.
For daily ion construction updates, photos and general urban rail news, follow me on twitter! @Canardiain
A few interesting articles that may affect the region's ability to control it's own destiny:
The province is considering changes to the Planning Act and Development Charges Act that would, "that would give residents a greater say in how their communities grow and would provide more opportunities to fund community services like transit and recycling."

The region, with their appeal on hold, is in negotiations with the developers to come to a settlement before June 2015 over the official plan 
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
Google Maps Streetview Player 
Quote:The Google Maps Streetview Player will take in either a starting point and end point, or a provided file of a route and provide a playthrough of the google streetview images that are available.

The link takes you on a walk from Waterloo Park to Victoria Park mostly along Park St to give you an idea of what this player can do. It's not perfect. For example it starts at Erb and Caroline, not Waterloo Park and there are some black frames where Google Streetview's camera didn't go. Still it's a cool tool.
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