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Apollo Cinema

I didn't notice a thread about this but I managed to get into two of the free movies they had on this week and it's pretty nice what they've done with the place. The seats are really comfortable and brand spanking new. There is a ton of leg room in the back rows at least. I only noticed the beer price was 6$ for cans but they also selll that beer that's brewed up in St. Jacobs and apparently wines and spirits too. I don't drink anymore and the lineup for snacks was long on Saturday but the popcorn smelled good.

The screen is 43 feet wide so it's pretty nice for watching movies on... the sound was pretty impressive too. I think the prices are pretty fair and as a downtowner I'm so glad to have a cinema I can walk to again. I bought a membership for 10$ and hope to be going once or twice a month, they seem to have a decent mix of films on tap.

Do you have a sense of how busy it was for the paid movies? I'm also looking forward to a cinema I can walk to, but it's hard for single screen theatres to survive these days.
I was just looking at their website for February programming and it looks like an ideal mix of films for folks who enjoy good movies. I do hope they'll get into offering more foreign language films and classic films as well.

I attended both the Friday and Saturday free shows, about 90% or more attendance for the former, sold out for the latter. Even up front, it's hard to kick the seat in front of you, easy to sit up straight and let someone walk by you. Having multiple local brews on hand was great (as was a special option of a White Russian on Friday).

I also went to a showing of Whiplash prior to this, maybe the day after opening night. That was a dramatic difference, maybe 10-25 people. But that movie has been out for ages, and it was their after-opening night.

For a cinema experience, it was great. Between it and Princess, I may never need to leave the cores for movies again. Also hope to try out the $11 member deal for double features, seeing any back-to-back movies when I find a good pairing.
I only hit up the free screenings so far; only heard they were open on Saturday. I was among the last people to get into Jurassic park and I think they must have made a pile of money on concessions, they had to delay the movie because there were so many people in line. The Lego movie on Sunday was more than half full I'd guess.
Just keep in mind: A full theater of paid customers is worth $2,440-3,050, depending on how many are members. If each customer bought $10 of concessions, you would take in $3,050. Tickets are 100% profit. Aside from soda and popcorn, concessions have higher-than-average but still definitely not 100% profit margins. So they probably would make more profit on a half-empty theater than on those two full load free screenings. But I hope they achieve their desired effect: getting people talking, getting people who weren't aware of Apollo to become aware, and getting people to come out and support local businesses. As a core resident and consumer, I'm always sad to see something awesome come out, get a lot of praise, and then no one actually goes, and we wonder why there are still so many closures.
I assume the costs to screen the big lebowski and jurassic park are a lot less than a newer film like the lego movie, but ya, the point stands and I do plan to see at least one more movie this month there, maybe two. I have a hard time staying seated for more than two hours and a lot of the movies are well over that these days.
I hear you; I find it challenging myself, currently sitting on one bent leg, likely to switch soon, maybe give my second office chair a go a while after that. But the chairs there were comfortable enough for me that I could sit well, and the leg room, especially at the back, was also a big help. You could always take the seats at the back, or aisle, and stand up in the middle, or lean against the half-wall at the back, behind your last row seat. Still a very welcome addition to Downtown.
And now we know why they have so much leg room: tables. No more kicking my popcorn over! Put some hooks on the underside for purses/coats, and you've got quite the relaxing theater.
I finally made it in to the Apollo and was really impressed. Its a terrific cinema and the programming is very strong. I got my membersihip!
Saw What We Do in the Shadows there tonight. Awesome movie, great Christie sound system, feet straight out in from of me, cider in hand. Can't ask for more.
I was thinking of going tonight - it sounds like a fun film. They are doing and "80s Film Festival" from 27March to 02April. It would be excellent if they did "decade festivals" every once and a while going back to the 1930s!
I was just looking over the Apollo's programming for April and I am very impressed.  I'm especially pleased to see that they are going to be offering a range of classic films (The Wizard of Oz!   Dial M for Murder (3D)!).  

By the way, there are lots more screenings of "What We Do in the Shadows" over the first week of April.  If you haven't seen it, I can recommend it.  It is hilarious!

Looking for an Oscar party tonight? They are showing the broadcast FOR FREE! at the Apollo tonight. Pre-show starts at 7pm. the Oscars at 8:30pm.
I just noticed that, on Fridays in March, you can order burgers, sandwiches, pizza at the Apollo from Mercury Court up to 15 minutes before show time. Seems like a good idea that I hope they'll repeat. Has anybody checked it out?
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