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Icon 145 | 25 fl | U/C
Icon 145
145 Columbia st, Waterloo
Developer: Rise Real Estate
Architect: SRM Architects
25 story building with 6 story podium, 216 residential units.

[Image: render.png]


[Image: location.png]

Before (current as of August 26, 2014)

[Image: Before.png]
according to the development's website this project is now sold out.
I noticed that in the past couple weeks, they finally fenced off the long commercial building, and have begun demolition.
May 1, 2015 - Demolition of the previous building is well underway

[Image: DLw0QKg.png]

[Image: DAMk18H.png]
According to their website, this phase of the project is sold out.
What do you guys think of icon 145? Is it a good investment choice? Will it have the same amenities as icon 330... Which one would be a better investment?

Also I think This is projected to finish September 2017, there won't be any delays hopefully right ? since its one building only
I would expect delays, it's a construction project. 1 Columbia was only one building and it ran into move-in issues. Other properties in the area have had similar challenges meeting their opening dates.
Thanks Markster for bringing the development changes to Icon 145 to light. I thought that building C was always intended to be 25 storys. Last I had seen I didn't think building D was still in the picture.

Details here:

Has work begun on this project? I have not been in the area for a while.
Last time I was by there, a week ago, at night, it didn't seem like anything was happening. I think they've been concentrating on finishing ICON 330.
I am surprised that this project has not progressed.
Are the other two 100% done?
Pretty much yeah. The retail units look ready for possession, and that always seems to be one of the last things.

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