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Renumbering our Highways
(01-26-2015, 06:53 PM)isUsername Wrote:
(01-26-2015, 01:42 PM)jamincan Wrote: I'm not entirely clear why none of the KW highways are classified as 400 series. Perhaps they're short enough sections that they didn't see the point? Then again, that didn't stop them from creating the 406 or 409.

They aren't 100 Km/h limits (except Hwy 8 south of Sportsworld) and the interchanges are far too close together with sub-standard lengths and configuration (see Bridgeport / Lancaster weave).

The speed limit has nothing to do with it. Other 400 series highways have alternating speeds and lower speeds. The 403 through much of Hamilton is 90 km/h, and the 406 through St. Catharines has a speed limit of only 80 km/h. Also, the Conestoga Expressway used to be 100 km/h until the mid 1990s. It was lowered in partial response to several deadly cross over collisions. This was of course too before the tall wall was built along the entire expressway and it had a grassy median the entire length.
I don't like the current numbering convention. I find it very confusing. Coming home from Toronto, when I exit from 401 Westbound, I feel like I'm turning 90 degrees so Highway 8 should be North. Then the highway to Stratford (7 I guess) is West, and continuing on the Connestoga Parkway up to Waterloo on the "right" side of the city is still North.

7/8/85/King Street/Blah blah blah too many names.
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Also the signage going from 7 to 7/8 West or 85 North isn't ideal if you don't know the roads.
It's not a silly idea - what you just described in your post would make anyone from outside the region say "...zuh?" and tilt their head. I hate trying to give people directions in the region.

The whole 7/8/85 (and two different kind of 8's) is ridiculous.

Should be 408 and Connestoga Parkway (no number designation, like the Linc in Hamilton)
For daily ion construction updates, photos and general urban rail news, follow me on twitter! @Canardiain
LOL, just 'cos you feel like you're turning right and going north (I'd say it's close to west-north-west) doesn't mean we should change all the numbers on the roads. I don't get what's so confusing about having two highways sharing the same roadway. The 85 and the 8 are never the same road so hopefully that helps alleviate some confusion for ya!

It seems to me most 400 series highways are controlled-access for their entire lengths... the 400 turns into the 69 when it goes down to a two lane road north of Parry Sound (that's changing soon!) I think that's why the "new highway 7" should probably have its own 4xx number instead of having it be highway 7, but they might do both too if they download the current highway 7 onto the counties. I guess it might not either, I dunno.

The Linc/Redhill would have a 4xx number if it was 100km/h but as it stands it must be kinda confusing for someone since the road just randomly changes its name at the top of the "mountain". If there was a provincial highway following that route before they built the Linc they would have used that number on the highway.

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