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Post your pictures of Waterloo Region!
Great pics, you have a wonderful eye ...
Absolutely stunning as always, Matt!
For daily ion construction updates, photos and general urban rail news, follow me on twitter! @Canardiain
(04-06-2018, 09:46 PM)Canard Wrote: Absolutely stunning as always, Matt!

Hi Matt (and all others by the way!),

I have never posted on this forum.
I read with much interest (and amusement lol).

I am born and bread in KW.
Still live here.
I found it humorous when people talk about Kitchener vs Waterloo (it's one city).

I am 52 and cannot believe how much this city (KW together that is lol) has changed over the years.

I remember Canada Valve by the corner store for goodness sakes.
Lived on Theresa Street next to Victoria Park.
Placed little rocks on the tracks so the train can crush so we can make cement (hint I'm Italian background lol).

Once placed too many that the train stopped so my friend and eye could remove.
My father worked as a labourer at Huck Glove (cannot believe the changes proposed there, love it too, cannot wait).
I remember sitting on the black iron rails that were in front of the Ukrainian church across the street screaming for my dad to wave through the top floor window (which I found out in later years he had to climb up onto to actually wave, and he would, even though he was on piece work lol, must have pissed him off lol).

Winnebagers (spelling not sure? corner of Park & Victoria), Shoemakers, with that Pepsi sign since I was living there in the seventies it seemed, Bill's Variety, BF Goodrich, that old beautiful city hall with the most beautiful Christmas decorations, as seen as a young 5-6 year old child on the Scott Street apartments that were there before the Kitchener Transit bus terminal, now the court house, I remember Queens Blvd stopping at Fischer-Hallman (was it called just Fischer at that time? I seem to remember that), the forests that I went to grab fallen trees with my dad which is now I believe the Strasburg Country Hills area.  

I'm rambling, I could go on and on.

I love my city, love all the changes happening, don't mind any of it.
I'm happy we are becoming (and finally looking like) a big vibrant city.
I don't mind Northdale.

Matt, this is especially for you.
You are the reason I've posted.
You have so wonderfully captured (absolutely amazing) my city.
It stirs my emotions for the city I love.
You certainly have that same passion which you capture through your photos.

Just stunning, bringing back past memories, and showing present, and the future potential.

Kudos Matt.

Cheers All.

I'll go back to reading your comments with much interest and laughs again.
Well Matt. There you have it. I really don't know if you could get a better compliment or acknowledgement for your great pictures than that.  Well done.
Indeed! And kwlifer, while my K-W memories don't go as far back as yours, I can confirm that it was indeed just Fischer Rd, until maybe sometime in the early 80s. I hope you'll post more, all the voices are welcome here.
(04-08-2018, 10:15 PM)tomh009 Wrote: Indeed!  And kwlifer, while my K-W memories don't go as far back as yours, I can confirm that it was indeed just Fischer Rd, until maybe sometime in the early 80s. I hope you'll post more, all the voices are welcome here.

I believe Fischer ran south from Highland, while Hallman ran north from Glasgow. Then the section in the middle was built and the combined road named Fischer-Hallman. Or maybe Fischer/Hallman. Both can be found on street signs within my memory, if not still now.
It also used to terminate at Ottawa. When it was extended to what is now the Williamsburg centre, the existing Westmount was connected to it and renamed!
My Twitter: @KevinLMaps
I remember Westmount Road at Queen's Blvd. used to be named Filsinger Road until it was extended to the existing Westmount Road near Glasgow.
Lens, I'm always amazed at your talent, very, very, very nicely done!
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