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General Road and Highway Discussion
(07-18-2018, 05:36 PM)Canard Wrote: On the Radio, they said the original plan was to open it fall of 2018.  That seems to jive correctly in my memory of what the construction sign has said at the Blair Road Roundabout.  I think they said they're a few weeks behind... but a few weeks in a 2-year project is just fine!

I'm probably in a minority, but a little part of me is (very selfishly) sad to see it open, because it's been a very blissful commute by bicycle between Kitchener and Cambridge along that way.  The tight, original section between Shantz Hill and Preston Parkway will now be fairly unpleasant and dangerous to cycle on, since the new MUT ends at Preston Parkway.

Probably still a minority, but you're not the only one.  I was quite disappointed when I saw that there seemed to be no infra all the way through.  Yet another piece of disconnected infrastructure.

I did enjoy exploring Preston while I was able to safely get to it, alas, no more.

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