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General Road and Highway Discussion
The islands at University (Laurel/Hillside Trails) and Union (Iron Horse Trail) do really help.
(04-26-2017, 08:06 AM)plam Wrote: The islands at University (Laurel/Hillside Trails) and Union (Iron Horse Trail) do really help.

Islands are one of the most flexible and effective tools that planners have for crossings.  Crossovers have so many restrictions about their location, that they "cannot" be used in most places where they would be useful.  And signals cause a significant delay for all users.  Best of bad situation.
The Laurel Trail crossing was discussed in the Trails thread back in December:

Here's a post with some plans:
(04-25-2017, 06:45 PM)Canard Wrote: Signs went up recently in Cambridge; Speedsville Road is closed at some point between Eagle and Maple Grove.  Does anyone know exactly where, and when, and how closed this closure is?  ie, is it just closed to cars, but bikes could get through?  Or is it something super-major?  And how long will it last?  Thanks in advance.

Guess it is more than just paving, signs say 6-8 weeks. Would have been nice if any of the work on this side of town was a little bit more coordinated so everything isn't closed or reduced.

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