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WCRI Redevelopment | 9 fl | U/C
Waterloo Cooperative Residence Redevelopment Phase I
280 Phillip st, Waterloo
Developer: ??
9 story apartment building

[Image: render.jpg]
Commitee of the whole packet

WCRI Rdevelopment update

August 25, 2014

[Image: August252014.jpg]
This project seems to have slipped under the radar....Anyone know if they plan to rent for this September?

Oh wow I didn't even realize excavation had started on this one.
I go down Phillip fairly often, a few times a week...I've never noticed this building.
(08-01-2016, 10:09 PM)myfaceisonfire Wrote: I go down Phillip fairly often, a few times a week...I've never noticed this building.
It is all the way at the back behind the WCRI dorms... it does not front Phillip...

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