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Expressway removals
Homer-Watson was supposed to link up to Belmont. This is why Belmont is so luxuriously wide between Highland and Glasgow, as it was meant to be the continuation of Homer-Watson. The St. Mary's area successfully fought off the extension (and likely demolition of a lot of the houses on Belmont)

With that no longer on the table, it would really make sense for Homer-Watson to be connected to Highland, but, you basically end up with the same issue. A high-capacity, high-speed road suddenly unloading traffic on to a residential street.

The awkward end of Homer-Watson is a de-facto traffic calming measure, to make it unpalatable to use it, and prevent non-local drivers from going through the surrounding neighbourhoods. Good luck advocating for change in the area.
That makes sense - it would have passed through one side of what is now Lakeside Park. If I think back to the 1960s, that area was "off-limits" to us - it was a bit wild and the pond/swamp of the time was considered dangerous, at least by my Mom!
That is, I believe it was supposed to link up to Belmont. I've heard the Belmont thing from a few people. I still have never seen any primary sources about it. (Though, I've been limited to google searches.)

Since we're on the topic, here's my little fantasy reconstruction of the area.

*) Remove and naturalize one of Homer-Watson's carrigeways
*) Connect Greenbrook to Heiman, with a roundabout at Homer-Watson


There would be a 5-point partial roundabout to glue Highland/Homer-Watson/ramps-to-and-from-85 together.  (go go MSPaint)

The two main high-volume movements you have to worry about here are:
1) Northbound H-W drivers turning left to 85 westbound, and
2) Westbound 85 drivers turning left to H-W southbound

Everyone driving into and out of the area bounded by Victoria, Courtland, the 85, and Westmount
Stirling Ave becomes a back street, connecting only minor areas together.

Residents of Highland Ave, as they take the brunt of traffic going north into the neighbourhood, who previously used Stirling or Courtland.
Residents of Heiman St, as they now become a street going somewhere.
Mill St will also see a bit of an increase of traffic, as people use it to get to Heiman/Greenbrook.

Clearly, this is entirely politically impossible.
(01-07-2015, 02:19 PM)Markster Wrote: Clearly, this is entirely politically impossible.

At some point it was possible to build brand new expressways right next to existing residential streets. I don't see why the existing traffic layout should be considered permanent.
I'm not sure I would see much benefit in those road changes.  From Homer Watson, you can easily access Highland at Hoffman, and Heiman is just down the road.  Stirling at least has the benefit of leading toward the centre of town.
The only thing I like about that mspaint plan is making H-W just one road instead of a boulevard. The traffic is so light on the stretch north of Hoffman it doesn't make sense to rebuild the road in its current state. I wouldn't encourage any more traffic into this area, it's pretty congested already. As for Stirling Avenue they should make it a bicycle street or whatever and put a ped/bike bridge/tunnel across the 7/8.
I wish that the Homer Watson/Belmont extension could get built it would make a much quicker and easier connection for Midtown area to get to the 401, Fairview park mall area, Conestoga College Doon etc. It would also lower traffic going through Victoria Park and other residential areas. And ease traffic on King St. Also right now with the LRT Construction the city wouldn't be such a maze if this connection existed. I know Belmont is Highly Residential too but if the extension were built a lot of the houses would need to be demolished. IMO it makes more sense then the River Rd. Extension.
It would not likely pass an environmental assessment today - the wetlands around Lakeside Park are directly in its way. You can also expect pushback from the Belmont neighbourhood protesting the higher traffic levels.
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It's not hard to connect to Hwy 7/8 anyway, as it is. Take Highland to the end, or near the end, and then take a short jog over to Homer Watson.
Well that explains a thing or two...

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(01-06-2017, 12:00 PM)Smore Wrote: Well that explains a thing or two...

Uh, did you post that in the wrong thread?
I think its a dig at Mr. Outhit
I got pretty excited that we were going to start talking about removing expressways again.
I would not be very excited about that.
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