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155 Uptown | 67 m | 19 fl | Proposed
Drove by Vincenzo's this morning, the parking situation is a real circus now with the lot closure.
Nobody seems to know that the first underground level is all free two hour parking. There must be three times the spot underground than in the old lot.
I think everyone just wants to hop out quick. Everyone will learn soon enough though.
Where are the construction crews parking? That could add to some of the circus since I gather that some of them also parked in the former surface lot.

Getting into the parking garage also does seem a bit complicated with either a tight U-turn when coming from Caroline Street, or only being able to enter the parking lot from the southbound lane of King Street. Time will tell how quickly habits will change.
They've started excavating here. Looks like they're about half a level below grade along Park.

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