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High-Speed Rail (HSR) - Toronto/Pearson/Kitchener/London
Just pointing out with HSR we are already talking about new track, stations and trains.
For daily ion construction updates, photos and general urban rail news, follow me on twitter! @Canardiain

(04-14-2018, 02:01 PM)kps Wrote: On the current route it's 102 km (sigh) to Union Station. From Kitchener let's stop in Breslau, Guelph, Rockwood (hey, why not?), Acton (seriously, why not?), Georgetown, Brampton, Malton/YYZ (at 77 km) and then express to Union. So: Kitchener–YYZ: 46 minutes. Kitchener–Toronto: 59 minutes. Who would take that over driving? (Click to reveal answer)

Following up on this calculation, let's use the same assumptions:
  • HrSR (150 km/h): 59 minutes
  • HSR (250 km/h): 43 minutes
  • maglev (400 km/h): 34 minutes

Again, maglev is fantastic. But in southern Ontario, is it justifiable in order to save 25 minutes from the Kitchener-Toronto travel time?

Personally, while the cool factor is not there, I would be very, very happy with reasonably frequent HrSR service with a top speed in the 150-200 km/h range. Especially if we could address the travel times through central Guelph.
I'd be very happy with hourly trains making the trip to Union in 60-75 minutes, rather than 115-130 as we have it today.
Maglev would be wicked if went from Chicago to Quebec City.
I'd even take today's 115-130 if I could trust it to run on schedule. The 0915 Via hasn't left earlier than 0930 for me. And it doesn't make up any time on its way to Union, losing another five minutes. It's getting to be that I can trust its delay, but as soon as I do it will run on time in a fit of pique.

I would love to see cool tech used for public transportation. Think of the press! The opening would be an event. People would ride it just to ride it.

Unfortunately the purse strings aren't held by people with dreams of aught but re-election or pension, which rewards small or no change asked of the populace.

So what we have is either a hope for unreasonable (Venture Capital or better) private fortunes to come and "save" us (by using us as the product they would sell, most likely); or hope that someone manages to make it to the purse strings and push an imaginative plan far enough that the ones who replace them (for they will be replaced) won't be able to stop the plan without outcry.

Canard for Minister of Transportation 2018?
That one guy that posted with the mentality of "I'll never use it so why should we build it" annoys me.
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