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Mayfair Hotel | 0 fl | Complete
As well, vacant lots have potential that is yet to be made use of, TPSS lots have been made use of, but won't be able to have more than a TPSS on them.
So, uh... is this gonna be a gravel lot forever?
Forever is such a long time....

For years to come? Quite possibly.
Kitchener is renowned for its downtown gravel lots.
(06-08-2017, 09:09 AM)Markster Wrote: Kitchener is renowned for its downtown gravel lots.

I'd take that Jane's Walk.
It has me wondering - which King St W/E lot has been vacant longest? The most prominent one would be the gap between Frederick and Queen, but there are a number of others.
Quote:Mayfair Hotel | 0 fl | Complete

This gave me a chuckle... has it always been this '0 fl' description? Big Grin
Since the demolition, yes.
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