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Communitech Data Hub | 14 Erb St W | Renovation
*** Apologies no new information available, just creating a thread for when further information does surface

Former Waterloo Police Station
14 Erb St West, Waterloo
Developer:  Ophelia Lazaridis
Project: Former Waterloo Police Station could be transformed into a boutique hotel in Uptown Waterloo


[Image: ULRQalx.png]

Conditions prior to project start

View from Albert St
[Image: 91e0XKR.png]

View from Erb St
[Image: TXzwMEl.png]
Ophelia Lazaridis buys Waterloo police building
February 9, 2013 | CTV Kitchener | LINK

Quote:It’s a three million dollar purchase that would bring new life to a very old building.

Blackberry co-founder Mike Lazaridis and wife Ophelia want to build a high end boutique hotel in Uptown Waterloo.

Originally built in 1880 for the mutual life assurance company, the historic building on Erb street is home to the Waterloo police station will soon be transformed.

A spokesperson for Lazaridis’ family Michael Sitrick told CTV Kitchener by phone "Ophelia Lazaridis is exploring the construction of a new luxury boutique hotel on that site."

The family’s spokesperson says it's a plan the couple hopes will fit in well with the region's needs.

Sitrick says, “He and Ophelia believe that there will be a growing demand and need for such a property.”

It an opinion shared by Uptown Waterloo city councillor Melissa Durrell.

“We have so many institutions that are bringing people in on a regular basis and they need places to stay so I think the more hotels we have in the core I think the healthier it is for our economy.”

Regional councillors approved the 3.1 million dollar sale of the building earlier this week, but the deal may not be finalized until June, once the new owners have a chance to fully investigate the property.

Gary Sosnoski, The commissioner of corporate resources for the Waterloo Region says,

“As soon as they've confirm that they're okay with the property then we would close. No later than June and then after that they would begin construction according to their own schedule. “

The building is designated as heritage landmark for the city of Waterloo, which means certain aspects like the front and south facades, as well as the stone lions at the entrance, will have to be preserved. Any changes would have to be approved by council.

The Lazaridis' boutique hotel will likely be in for some stiff competition, there are plans already in the works to build a Delta hotel in the Barrel Yards development just up the street.
Maybe this isn't happening anymore? Ground floor hotel rooms would be pretty odd in this location I think, and one storey's worth of rooms is probably not enough.
You would have to imagine some sort of addition would have to happen, no?
The parking lot in the back would make for a nice underground parking garage and a tower addition.
(11-10-2014, 09:33 AM)gomesjustin Wrote: The parking lot in the back  would make for a nice underground parking garage and a tower addition.

Indeed this was mentioned as being part of the development plans in the news reports when the purchase took place. I also recall reading somewhere that Mike Lazaridis owned the Old Post office building and complaining about the lack of parking as a major impediment for further development of the site. Now that the Ish&Chips former lot has been turned into parking, I'm wondering what we'll see happening in the Times Square building.
The inside of that building is not of historical significance save the Erb St lobby and upper rooms. This would incorporate the original building with lots of nice woodwork, panelling and plasters. I suspect the front of the building and the facades facing Albert St are the only part worth saving. The rest of the building could be scooped out by a melon baller and built to suit. Underground parking and a mid rise tower would look good.
I used to be the mayor of sim city. I know what I am talking about.
I am surprised we have not heard anymore news on this project.
Private money (Opehlia Lazaridis' project), so no need to make a splash (or, I would hazard, make a profit).
Opehlia (and her backing capital) may also be somewhat preoccupied with other property developments, namely their cottage on the shores of Lake Huron, the Quantum Valley project and anything else.
An article hit the papers today describing the recent activity at the site as no more than maintenance.

(05-20-2016, 10:53 PM)rangersfan Wrote: An article hit the papers today describing the recent activity at the site as no more than maintenance.


Well, not the news anyone was hoping for, but good to get some information.
Well said.
Walking by earlier this evening I noticed the blinds were off some windows so you can see in on the first floor off Albert. It looks pretty bare in there, so whenever they actually start on the hotel or whatever, they shouldn't have to do much tearing out, just building up.
I was in the neighbourhood today. There was plenty of activity at the rear of the old station. I noted a chute constructed from the 2nd floor to a dumpster below. I also saw several trucks with the name "Kieswetter Demolition" on them.

Things appear to be in motion here.
I used to be the mayor of sim city. I know what I am talking about.

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