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OTIS | 7 fl | Proposed
(02-13-2019, 07:45 PM)white_brian Wrote: Equipment was being delivered this morning, couldn't pay to much attention as I was driving

Wow.  Fast!  I wonder if this is the project at the top of their priority list?

(02-13-2019, 09:13 PM)Lens Wrote: It's the swan that lives in the park: https://www.therecord.com/news-story/732...oria-park/

This is now the best project name EVER!!!
Now I'm really confused, saw the truck there again today with a rock truck unloaded. Again didn't have a chance to stop right away but made a point of going back home that way. I am at a loss as to where the equipment is cause it isn't on the site. I even went past Arrow and Bara but nothing there! I past the equipment carrier on the way back and he was empty so where in DTK do you hide that kind of equipment?
Secret underground bunker???
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