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The Uptown
The Uptown 
215-229 Lexington Rd, Waterloo
Developer: Maxion Management Services
Project: The plan proposes tearing down the existing two structures and building three new, six-storey buildings which would eventually connect to form one linked building. A separate six-storey building is also planned. Future phases may include retail.
             Note: Zoning By-law Amendment Application Z-13-08

[Image: DU9rRUC.png]


[Image: 66eb298c-2605-4149-a5c6-a2d73b3b2a3f]

Site conditions prior to redevelopment

[Image: ouLk929.png]

Going uptown

October 9, 2012 | Bob Vrbanac | Waterloo Chronicle | LINK

Quote:The developers behind The Uptown development on Lexington Road in Waterloo are trying to change the outlook for retirement living.

The plan is to convert part of the property already contiguous with Pinehaven Retirement Residence and turn it into a sleek new live/lease residence that boasts modern amenities and the best design


“We’re going to take it to a place where we give them a lifestyle,” said Paul Michelin, president of Maxion, a construction firm based in Barrie. “This next demographic and age group are extremely active.

“It’s very important that we embrace that in our design and our building.”

That’s why the first phase of the project will include an indoor pool, spa and common areas to encourage a sense of community. It will also feature glass vistas with the outdoors, including a generous gathering space plus tie-ins to the local trail system, augmenting programming inside of the building.

“Everybody can build a condo,” said Michelin. “Not too many people can build a lifestyle.”

“It’s not a brick and mortar development,” said Rob Dal Bianco, President of Deem Management Services Ltd., owner of the site. “It’s about a layer of lifestyle that goes over top of the bricks and mortar, and that’s so important for seniors — the social component of it.

“We’re trying to encourage people to socialize and become a community once they move in.”

But it’s not exclusive to seniors, Dal Bianco said. The vision is to get people to buy into the nicely appointed units that range in size from 350 to 1,600 square-foot units and stay and transition through the whole continuum of care.

The most important thing is that residents will own their suites and retain the equity. They will also have a sense of ownership that comes with that.

“I think seniors are becoming more sophisticated than they used to be,” said Dal Bianco. “And we’re becoming more sophisticated in how we care for our seniors, and what we’re looking at here is the future of seniors living.

“We don’t want people to think of this as a seniors complex, it’s an opportunity to bring in a little younger generation, 55 and up, and let them age in place.”

Michelin said that there will be active programming to take residents out of the building and into the community. There will also be excursions to other attractions, and it will follow a trend that is being developed by other live/lease projects.

“It’s like a cruise ship mentality where there is always something happening and there will be daily or weekly excursions to get people out and into the building,” said Michelin. “You want to make sure they enjoy being here, and that social aspect is extremely important.”

The City of Waterloo is also an ideal place with close proximity to shopping and other attractions at Conestoga Mall, and well as recreational opportunities at nearby RIM Park.

“Quality of life is a big issue for them,” said Michelin. “I think we’re well situated on the east side of Waterloo.”
The developers hope to begin construction on the site by the summer of 2013, and maybe even sooner, depending on demand. The Uptown will open its presentation centre Oct. 13, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more info visit www.theuptown.ca.

Major expansion for Pinehaven would let seniors age in place
July 8, 2013 | Paige Desmond | The Record | LINK

Quote:WATERLOO — A major expansion proposed for Pinehaven Nursing Residence will provide local seniors with the opportunity to age in place.

Independent living, assisted living and long-term care accommodations would total a combined 691 units. The expansion would double the number of buildings, and add more than five times as many beds at Pinehaven, which currently accommodates about 37 people in a nursing home and 84 in a retirement residence.

The expansion plan will be presented to the public at a Waterloo council meeting July 15. No decisions will be made at that time.

"I think the more options, the better as our population is aging," said Coun. Angela Vieth, a member of the city's 55-plus advisory group.

The plan proposes tearing down the existing two structures and building three new, six-storey buildings which would eventually connect to form one linked building. A separate six-storey building is also planned.

Current residents wouldn't be displaced during construction.

Located on Lexington Road at the intersection with Davenport Road, the residence will undergo construction in phases.

"We are a lifestyle community built for older adults," said Sheri Maynard, director of marketing for construction company Maxion Management Services Inc., which brought the rezoning application with Deem Management Services Ltd.

Planned amenities include a large swimming pool, movie screening rooms and multiple gathering spaces including a large patio. As residents age, they can move to a different area of the development and receive additional services or care, she said.

"It's a fabulous lifestyle," Maynard said. "We provide healthy aging-in-place strategies."

Ward Coun. Mark Whaley said the idea of aging in place provides some stability for older adults.

"When my mom was going through these years we had to take her to three different facilities and it was really traumatic for her," Whaley said. "You're bringing calm, your family knows how to get there, you're familiar with the area and the people."

An original proposal called for making additions to the two existing buildings instead of building new. But a change in the city's Official Plan, which regulates development, allowed developers to provide more bedrooms.

"This is a great new approach which will benefit the residents," city planner Trevor Hawkins said. "They'll benefit from new construction."

There are 137 above-ground parking spaces proposed and 201 underground.

The site does pose some challenges, however.

Hawkins said a steep grade on the currently undeveloped portion of the site is what has prevented full use of the property to date. The property's proximity to the expressway is another issue the city will be looking for the proposal to address.

Due to noise concerns from traffic, a noise study recommends warning clauses be included in tenant agreements.
Waterloo approves two large building projects
October 8, 2013 | Paige Desmond | The Record | LINK

Quote:Also Monday, councillors gave approval to Maxion Management Services for rezoning of Pinehaven Nursing Residence at 215-229 Lexington Rd. It will become The Uptown Life Lease Collection.

"It's certainly something we need," Coun. Scott Witmer said.

The plan proposes tearing down the existing two structures and building three new, six-storey buildings which would eventually connect to form one linked building. A separate six-storey building is also planned.

The project will allow residents to move to different areas of the building as their needs change.

"It's an age-in-place idea and it's a healthier lifestyle," said Paul Michelin of Maxion Management Services.

Current residents wouldn't be displaced during construction. Located on Lexington Road at the intersection with Davenport Road, the residence will undergo construction in phases.

Rezoning was required to allow density to be measured in bedrooms per hectare, instead of units per hectare.
Is there any update on this project? This is fairly old information.
From the highway it seems like this property has a green construction fence installed, I don't know how long it has been there though.
Looks like this project is still in the works. The current Retirement facility will be closing at the end of the year.
The developer also purchased the small strip mall on Lexington Road next to Pinehaven, just before the bridge over Highway 85. I've been going to get my haircut at Eva's Hairstyling in that plaza for at least the last 12 years or so, and Eva told me all the tenants have to be out within a year. This would explain why Shnarr Florist and the sub place have vacated.
Updated parking requirements? Construction staging? Or another building?
This week I have noticed that the trees are being removed from this site behind him existing building. Is this a sign that this project could be progressing?
For the last number of weeks there has been heavy equipment on site moving earth around, no mention on their website of construction commencing however.
The vacant field is certainly an improvement over the former nursing home however.
I am very curious to find out what the site plan for this project looks like as the property grade is significantly sloped from Lexington and much lower near the highway. Site grading and removal has been on going for months now.
Lot of dirt getting moved around recently for sure. Originally it looked like the low area was being back-filled but now all seems removed and then some. The retaining walls along Lexington are also more visible now so not sure what the overall plan is
Just came across this construction video today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffAvSmahArY
Why would this be branded as The Uptown? Hoping to sell an extra unit or two to misled out of town investors?
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