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Highway 7 - Kitchener to Guelph
Update from MTO to our office today.

Two of the Wellington ramps will be tentatively opened by this weekend if all goes according to plan:
• E/W-N Ramp (NB On-Ramp)
• N-E/W Ramp (SB Off-Ramp)

The Wellington NB-Off ramp will also tentatively be opened by the end of this week.
The W-S Ramp (SB On-Ramp) will remain closed until later in the year.

Do we know why the nb offramp was closed? All I saw was it being used for storage.
I thought maybe there was still work going on with the Guelph St. bridge, but I was merely speculating.
Has there been any news on when the new Grand River Bridge design will be complete?

Despite having a government website dedicated to this highway, there really isn't a lot in the way of news or updates.
The Victoria Street bridge reopened Sunday evening. I believe this would be considered ahead of schedule, I recall November being the planned time frame.



Sad they couldn't have planned to make this more than just about cars
Didn't the MTO design the bridge? They don't seem to care about cyclists or pedestrians. It's possible that once highway 7 is moved off Victoria North the road could be redesigned with bike lanes or MUPs along it... amazingly short-sighted.
Some folks are planning a protest ride because the bridge has no bike infra:

As they should. Total slap in the face. New roads that just ignores active transport. Come on.
It seems as well based on the painted median, that they had room to work with if they had actually given a damn.
(10-30-2018, 11:55 AM)jamincan Wrote: It seems as well based on the painted median, that they had room to work with if they had actually given a damn.

That's what I (frustratingly) keep coming back to.  It wasn't that it couldn't be done here, they just didn't seem to care.

That end of Victoria is a wasteland if you're not in a car.  And there doesn't seem to be any drive to change that.
I suspect the painted median will be for movements introduced with the completion of the interchanges and roads in the area. MTO is a pain in the butt when it comes to anything but cars; it's a reason why there's such a strange workaround on Lexington over 85.
Based on my observations with only one drive-through, the painted median is exactly as others have mentioned, for future use.

Heading WB, it's nice now that the LH turn lane onto Edna is now super-long... so both through lanes can now operate at full capacity. The previous embodiment meant that the LH turn lane flooded into the LH through lane, meaning effective lane capacity through Edna was reduced to one lane.

I agree this is stupid that they rebuilt the entire thing from scratch and didn't plan at all for any future width at all for a MUT or anything.
For daily ion construction updates, photos and general urban rail news, follow me on twitter! @Canardiain
My partner and I went to KW surplus today. I was surprised that there was a hard curb along the centre of the road, and no central turning lane. There are gaps in the curb for KW Surplus and Shoes 22 (usable for the former Saab dealership if coming from the other direction) which are currently filled with cones. There's a massive amount of space on the road, currently filled with painted yellow lines, learning it is for future use makes sense.

Cycling-wise, I'm pretty comfortable on a lot of roads but I would not even a little bit enjoy riding on the sidewalk along there. I'll continue to route around when I need to ride to that part of town.

There's still a lot of construction in the area, and a lot of signs (including one on the expressway) that say the bridge is closed, and River is still closed as well so while the area as a whole is much improved, I'm in full agreement with all the criticisms stated above. It's an improvement, but it's definitely not great.
This is what happens when a “profession” is full of quacks (sorry Canard, no disrespect to ducks intended!).
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