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General Retail News
(10-13-2017, 11:11 AM)Spokes Wrote: [quote pid='43507' dateline='1507848250']
I get the London choice, it corners the market on that end of the province.  But what gives, I still see us as a better location


The end of the province is another two hundred kilometres past London. I know that Ikea is a big attractor for people, but London's catchment area is smaller than Waterloo Region's for sure.
Waterloo Region folks are closer to Burlington than London. London can bring in Stratford, Chatham, Woodstock, etc..
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Well, Woodstock and Stratford are each as close to here as to London. I guess the catchment circle around Waterloo overlaps the circle around Burlington. But Waterloo's catchment really is a lot bigger than London's.

No doubt the company has all kinds of decision criteria and knows what it's doing. I'm just a bit surprised.
Another one bites the dust - Petsche's Shoes will be closing in the new year after 63 years. Sad

(5 hours ago)panamaniac Wrote: Another one bites the dust - Petsche's Shoes will be closing in the new year after 63 years.  Sad

Unfortunate -- we have been recurring customers (well, especially Mrs tomh009).  And there aren't so many retail stores in DTK, and this will move the needle in the wrong direction.  Sad
Yes, Petche's is a good spot for higher-end footwear for the more "mature" consumer. The store itself is an eccentric mess, but they carry good stuff. I'm thinking that, once Fritch's is gone, that will be the end of the old school retailers in Downtown Kitchener. The only other hold out I can think of would be Pfeiffer Shoe Repair in the Food Block on Duke St.
That doesn't seem like a good thing.Yes, things do have to evolve, but there's something to be said for some of the oldies staying behind.

In Galt the only ones I can think of are F J Brown & Son Jewellers, Reid's and Thyssen Shoes.
Of course the Walper Tobacco Shop and the barber shop in the Walper are still thriving. Forgot about them.

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