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Other Forum Issues
I didn't even notice the response. I logged on, saw the posts, and just purged the poster and their posts. Still working on optimizing spam filters.
(11-11-2014, 07:47 AM)Spokes Wrote: Still working on optimizing spam filters.

This spammer and several others seem to be "drive by." They register, post some spam with links to their sites, then move on. They're hoping that in the time it takes a moderator to delete their posts other forum members will click and hopefully buy something, allow their PCs to get infected, etc.

One way to slow these spammers down is to institute a rule that new members have to wait a while, maybe just 24 hours, before they're allowed to make their first post or before they're allowed to put a link in a post. A delay like that is enough because most of these spammers won't both to come back.

AFAIK some forum software has a feature like this. Does MyBB?
MyBB does have that feature, but it hurts real new members who want to post right away.
I think the point is just to restrict links. So users can make posts, but until it's been 48 hours they can't include links in them. I've seen it on a lot of other forums and it does seem to reduce spam.
That's a good idea. I'll see if I can do that.
(11-13-2014, 07:47 AM)Spokes Wrote: That's a good idea.  I'll see if I can do that.

Keep in mind that restrictions on posting links are easy to circumvent, e.g. using something like www . domainname . com. That's why I suggested two options, "new members have to wait a while, maybe just 24 hours, before they're allowed to make their first post or before they're allowed to put a link in a post."

I agree that a long delay after registration before being allowed to make their first post would deter new members from participating, especially if they registered specifically to respond to something they'd just read on WRC. You might want to consider starting with a relatively short delay then increasing it if experience dictates.
I don't use full browser width when viewing the forums. Every time I come, the posts want to be just wider than the space available, and so I see the posting user's full profile, and only below (instead of to the right) will the post start. I'll resize my window until the posting user's profile and post start at the same line, but the next time I come back, it won't be big enough yet again.
The forum is designed to be responsive so it resizes to your window size. Are you able to post a screen shot of what you're talking about?
It looks like you have "Display posts in classic mode" checked in your user settings. When I do that I see the same issue, but when it's not checked it fits my browser window correctly. You might find it better on a reduced width screen to have that disabled.
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