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387-397 King St E and 6 Madison Ave | 20m | 5 fl | proposed
Yeah I would hope the entire King st frontage is filled in, but who knows what is happening here.

Do we know whether the proposed building is to have underground parking? I'd hate to think that the empty space is intended for a parking lot.
Maybe there will be several buildings and that's just the first one.
(10-23-2014, 07:00 AM)Spokes Wrote: If that's the only part of that lot being developed I'll be severely disapointed.

Not every development needs to be spanning the entire block!
Judging by the diagonal corners (required for sight-lines by cars) I would suspect that there would be a small lane, and then, eventually a building on the other side.
If the shaded area is what is owned by them, then that's an awkward parcel, and so you'll see surface parking in the back for the time being.  The new development will likely have a layer of underground, if only to preserve development capability of the rest of the block.
Fire lanes or delivery?
do you have any information that shows there is a development happening or are you guys simply spectulating.
(10-22-2014, 10:44 PM)rangersfan Wrote: Might not mean anything but I noticed today on the Kitchener GIS, that this property is now showing a building outline usually used for projects under construction.

[Image: 9PTLh2P.png]

(10-24-2014, 04:38 PM)mbender123 Wrote: do you have any information that shows there is a development happening or are you guys simply spectulating.

No, it's all speculation based on the above image.
In Kitchener's interactive mapping site, that texture apparently means "Approved Site Plan".
hmmm interesting. Maybe phase one of a project?
(10-24-2014, 07:59 PM)mpd618 Wrote: In Kitchener's interactive mapping site, that texture apparently means "Approved Site Plan".

That site plan was from 2012. I am going to say this plan is dead
Any news on this one?
Perhaps the first of two buildings? I'm pretty sure the entire King St side has been assembled by one developer.
Two buildings?
(10-10-2014, 08:30 AM)Spokes Wrote: I think it would be a major shame if the appliance store on the corner of King and Cedar were not included in this project.  It would leave it very difficult to develop in the future.

There is a building permit to demolish the St. Clair Appliance building to the foundation, and to construct a new retail/office building. James Fryett Architect, the same firm as for the 387 King project. The permit was issued 22 January 2016, but I haven't seen any action on this yet.
(10-23-2014, 09:12 AM)spanamaniac Wrote: Me too.  I had just assumed it was the entire empty frontage along King St.

There was a variance request for the property back in 2013:

There is no site plan attached, but one noteworthy fact is that they asked for two parking variances: one to reducing parking from 60 to 56 spots (accepted) and one to reduce street-facing parking setback from 4.5m to 0m (rejected).  The outline from the GIS system above would match that, it looks like they have the parking next to the building and abutting King St.

But I think the main part of this project is on hold in any case, we'll see what (if anything) eventually comes of it.
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