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Uber in Waterloo Region
I would suggest trying RideCo. It's a KW-only (currently) app, has the best rates by far, and hasn't engaged in any of the ethically-dubious tactics of Uber.

Hadn't heard of them. Thanks for the heads up.
(11-01-2018, 08:46 AM)Spokes Wrote: Oh, I also was less than enthused that the cab was $10 more than the Uber.  I didn't expect it to be THAT different.

First, economies of scale:  The local taxi company has an office and administrative staff for maybe one or two hundred drivers, Uber has an office and administration staff for tens of thousands of drivers.

Second, the local cab company is regulated and permitted out the wazoo, Uber is a fleet of unskilled schmucks babysat only by an app and the empty promises of venture capitalists who say "Of course we'll make good if something bad happens."

The price disparity makes sense to me, but I'll stick with our local cab companies.
(11-01-2018, 05:41 PM)Spokes Wrote: Hadn't heard of them.  Thanks for the heads up.

Use the code RIDE18324 to get your first ride free.  [Please delete if this is a forum violation]

RideCo shares your ride, so if you don't book a full car, you may be making other stops along the way.  Apparently you will reach your final destination by your requested arrival time, however you may need to leave earlier to accommodate other riders.  As well, since schedules of others can/may be affected, you have between 1-3 min from the drivers arrival to enter the car... if not, you are billed as a no-show. (Uber is a hard 5 min).

interesting to read this thread after the thread about supporting the construction unions and their ability to offer employee protection. While taxi companies aren't really unionized they are the lesser evil of uber who pays their drivers less as I understand it and are just waiting until they can have autonomous vehicles so they don't have to pay anybody.
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