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Weber Street Reconstruction - College to Union
I'm more curious what they're going to do about the sag in the flat bar...
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The problem WRT horizontal alignment is there is a huge (very oversized for pedestrian infrastructure) footer on the railing which means you cannot walk that closely to the railing.

The whole thing seems poorly designed though, the "Multi-use trail" is a joke, and it's actually getting worse, the contractors who repaired some of the cracked tiles put sidewalk style groves into the concrete which makes it extremely unpleasant to bike on.....rather, even more unpleasant than it already was.
At least they are finally connecting that 'sidewalk to nowhere' by the train tracks! New sidewalk appeared to be setting when I was on my way by today.
The new railings are on, they basically cap the metal rod entirely, no sagging issues.  I didn't get a picture because I was on my run this morning and it was pretty dark, but I'm pretty sure they're finished with them on the west side at least.
Had a chance to get a hands-on look from the Victoria end. Quite elegant and reasonably functional; though I can see vandals getting sharp objects into their surface easily enough and making that particular type of graffiti.
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