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Shops at Waterloo Town Square
Shops at Waterloo Town Square

[Image: the-shops-logo.jpg]

(10-05-2014, 11:37 AM)Section ThirtyOne Wrote: I was taken by surprise yesterday, to find that a Rogers store has opened in The Shops. It is in a unit facing Willis Way, perhaps one of the units which was previously occupied by the interior design store?

Although not a corporate store, it appears they handle all Rogers services. Handy for Rogers customers to have an outlet Uptown.
Is that the right and best place for a cell phone store? Willis Way typically had more higher end, one-of-a-kind retailers along it. Seems like something that would belong inside the mall.
It does, but if a retailer like that is willing to show that they can succeed in an urban storefront, all the power to them IMO

I'm all for independent shops, but for Uptown to be truly successful we need a mix of the 'big names' and core services for people that actually live here too.
The big names show confidence in the urban cores. The independent stores will always be there
As big names begin to show confidence in Uptown, an important thing will be the progressive addition of net new retail space, so that the independents don't ultimately get forced out by rising rents.
I was thinking the same thing as I hit send. The only downfall with chains coming to down is that they can outprice small shops
For small shops to survive, they also need to think about image. Take Queen West - lots of independent and niche stores, but the signs are cheap and the buildings need to have about a century's worth of Toronto powerwashed off of them. Call me fickle, but a poorly presented storefront is a turn-off.
I agree wholeheartedly! Thats why I've always been such a supporter of Kitchener's Facade Grant Program
Anything that isn't another place to buy food is welcome. I had a friend who used to be able to do all of her Christmas shopping between William and Bridgeport. I used to do the same. Each year it is getting harder and harder as yet another food venue pops up.
(10-05-2014, 10:54 PM)The85 Wrote: Is that the right and best place for a cell phone store?

There's already a Wind Mobile store across from Valu-Mart. Perhaps they have something in their lease that precludes a competitor within the mall.

Also many people go to a Rogers store to pick up or return merchandise like phones and modems. These aren't impulse purchases but rather deliberate stops where the exact location is less important than the proximity to them as well as the free parking.
Does anyone have any details of what went on at Waterloo City Finance & Strategic Planning Committee Meeting last night? Apparently Chris Pidgeon, GSP Group and Jamie Crich, President, Auburn Developments Inc. were on the agenda and Auburn donated $500,000 for the water feature in the public square.

I thought they roughed that in during initial construction, how could finishing it cost that much?

From City of Waterloo Twitter account:
Thanks to Auburn Developments, Waterloo Public Square is getting a water feature! More details to follow #kwawesome
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
The Record is reporting that the total cost of the water feature will be $1.1 million. Construction in 2017, if approved. I believe the City's cost reflects the cost of Evian. Wink

Maybe they could help finance it by selling that unsightly bell "sculpture" for scrap metal value. Or we could start a collection: donate a toonie if you want this eye-sore gone.

If we had done this for Aporia (aka the Turd) we would have had enough funds to cure cancer by now.
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