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Region of Waterloo International Airport - YKF
(09-29-2018, 12:36 PM)Pheidippides Wrote: For example:
-for Kitchener residents east of 85 and north of Ottawa to GO station @ Greenhouse Road is 12min but to one at YFK YKF it is 11min (and even faster when the Ottawa bridge is built)
-for Kitchener residents east of 85 and south of Ottawa YFK YKF will always be faster
-for Cambridge residents a YFK YKF GO station will always be faster

Fixed that...

(09-29-2018, 12:09 PM)darts Wrote: Of those 3 vehicles, are they going to one place to pick up people or doing a route to pick up people at their homes. If they are doing a route some people will have a longer travel time. So at this point are they better off taking the shuttle to save $5 vs taking a taxi to go straight to the airport. And this would be for the group that just don't offer a friend to drop them off for some beer later.


Your post has a whole lot of operational assumptions that don't necessarily need to be true. Just as one possible example, you could start the service with 1 vehicle and first-come-first-serve reservations. If someone in Guelph wants to be picked up after you've committed to picking up someone in Waterloo, they could be out of luck. There are all sorts of trade offs you can make that would scale the service to the actual demand that exists.
(09-29-2018, 12:36 PM)Pheidippides Wrote: I don't quite understand the problem with moving the proposed GO station, there is nothing to physically move yet; only a bit of new track would need to be put down to connect to the airport and wouldn't add that much to the route time and would have much more potential utility and potential users.

Moving the track IS a big deal.  There are a whole lot of buildings / roads / natural terrain that would need to be modified to move the tracks.  Heading eastward, you can't move the track until almost fountain street.  At that point you're making a 90-degree turn south towards the airport.  After you get to the airport you're going to have to get the train back to the original track as soon as possible (or hit all sorts of other issues) which means two more almost 90-degree turns.  I can't imagine this is going to be good for trip times.

(09-29-2018, 12:36 PM)Pheidippides Wrote: Especially if YKF is supposed going to be taking the overflow from Pearson; it makes sense to invest a little more now to ensure that the connectivity is ready to go when (if) the overflow comes.

From what I can see the initial part of the “transit oriented development” by Thomasfield Homes (aka Hopewell Crossing or Hopewell Heights) is largely just marketing (I think Thomasfield actually own all the land south of the tracks in that area too). The high density residential, employment and commercial components come much later (if ever).

I don't think you get to make a case for being prepared for YKF to be the Pearson overflow airport but dismiss the Thomasfield development as marketing.  I think its extremely likely that the Thomasfield development happens long before YKF is a major airport.

(09-29-2018, 12:36 PM)Pheidippides Wrote: The first phases are a strong majority of single family homes (summer 2019) many of which will be beyond the 800m walking radius often used as a catchment area for potential active transportation users of transit. Most of the high density or medium density residential is also beyond the 800m radius. The area won't be serviced by transit any time soon so residents will need car to get school, work, groceries, or entertainment for the medium term at a minimum.

So, if the GO station was always intended as a park-and-ride sub-urban station as you can’t reach it from east Kitchener or north Cambridge by transit so anyone from those areas will be driving, and if the residents closest to the proposed station are car dependent already why not move the station to where it can serve more people?

For example:
-for Kitchener residents east of 85 and north of Ottawa to GO station @ Greenhouse Road is 12min but to one at YFK it is 11min (and even faster when the Ottawa bridge is built)
-for Kitchener residents east of 85 and south of Ottawa YFK will always be faster
-for Cambridge residents a YFK GO station will always be faster

Again, you are advocating some serious long term thinking but then only look really short term at other areas.  It's very likely that the Thomasfield (and rest of Breslau and YKF) will get public transit long before YKF becomes a major airport.

And all of your benefits of moving the station here are trivial improvements in driving time (I don't agree with the north of Ottawa assumption either) at a massive cost.
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