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Region of Waterloo International Airport - YKF
HSR, if built, is years out so I don't see it having any impact vis a vis decisions on YKF for the foreseeable future. I still think that, even though Hamilton is the more obvious choice, Jetlines could do better by choosing YKF because of the lack of competition. Hamilton could be a slog for them in that regard, at least on some routes.
There wouldn't be a lot of overlap between that route map and the existing service at Hamilton, depending on what "sunspots" are served. Although I can't imagine anyone choosing to get out west with that service over West Jet, regardless of the price.

I agree with you, Sammy, about connections. I think the convenience of getting to fly out of Waterloo would be weighted less than the risk and inconvenience of making a connection, particularly through a U.S. airport. A direct flight from Pearson to Europe would be the more logical choice than a connection through New York, say.
(06-20-2017, 11:17 PM)kevinchoi519 Wrote:
(06-20-2017, 04:57 PM)Coke6pk Wrote: Just confirmed.... the YHM info is dated information.  No decisions have been made yet.


that is great to hear. if people want a regular flight from here keep emailing them and sharing the love for YKF. The more demand they hear the more likely we get flights....

If it's not too late, emailing Jetlines about why you think YKF would be an excellent choice is a very good idea.  I have emailed them a number of times so they know there is some interest in YKF.  Because Hamilton already has a ULCC as well as other, more traditional airlines, people there may be blasé about another airline operating out of Hamilton.  If enough folks email Jetlines they will know that YKF supporters are anything but blasé. 
(06-21-2017, 07:39 AM)MidTowner Wrote: I don't think we'd be able to justify a train connection to the airport here for a very long time (I happen to think Victoria would be a good route in the future, but not the "near" future).

An iXpress (or even regular) bus run to YKF would be fairly easy to setup and achieve much of the same goal.
I think the most interesting thing would be to have airport 'shuttles' that correspond to some of the flights we already have with decent sized planes. So for example, before the Orlando flight in the winter a bus (or 2 buses) leave from the airport and does a route through Waterloo / Kitchener / Cambridge stopping at predetermined points. Same thing after the plane lands.

It's cheaper than a regular bus route and in a lot of ways more convenient. If you get people using that, it makes sense to start thinking of more regular options.
(06-21-2017, 11:44 AM)tomh009 Wrote:
(06-21-2017, 07:39 AM)MidTowner Wrote: I don't think we'd be able to justify a train connection to the airport here for a very long time (I happen to think Victoria would be a good route in the future, but not the "near" future).

An iXpress (or even regular) bus run to YKF would be fairly easy to setup and achieve much of the same goal.

But keep in mind that Jetlines would be using YKF to mainly service Toronto.  They say the want to fly "point to point routes in lieu of a hub and spoke system."  That's the only reason they're looking at YKF and Hamilton.  So what they're interested in are ways to get to Toronto from YKF.
If they're counting on getting business from people living in or visiting Toronto - I don't see how they can possibly make it work.

I don't think there's anything coming in the next 10 years that would make me even consider recommending it as an option.  Even the eventual (and still far away) all-day 2-way GO service will have no-service periods or periods with very infrequent service.

Edit: Basically all the reasons that we're talking about why we want to use YKF over YYZ would apply to Toronto people using YKF.

Having some convos about this on Facebook. The usual local personalities believe it demonstrates Kitchener city council is completely incompetent and should be voted out, it's somehow caused by the LRT, etc. As far as I can see this sort of thing is mostly federally regulated; the operator (Grand River Hospital according to one EMS) is supposed to perform a new obstacle survey when an object is going to penetrate the flight path, and the construction company is supposed to provide notification to Transport Canada and affix standard obstruction markings. What is Kitchener's responsibility in this? Does Grand River Hospital actually operate the heliport? Is this likely something that will be resolved quickly?
Why is the helipad not on the hospital roof? Or just the fact that when the need for a helipad arose the cost of the extra chunk of land vs the complexity of a rooftop helipad made the decision an easy one?
It was built in 1991 with the expectation of 15-20 flights/year. I guess it just didn't make sense to spend a ton of money on a fancier heliport, and still might not if an alternative flight path is available. Interestingly, relocating the heliport to Grand River Hospital is part of Kitchener's midtown redevelopment goals released last month.

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