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Region of Waterloo International Airport - YKF
The Sold Out note was not dishonesty and not a glitch.  People are really starting to use this service.  Here is part of an email I received from FlyGta:

Quote:Thank you for contacting us, although most flights are sold between Kitchener/Waterloo this week, we will not be increasing flights at this time, however this is something that we are working towards in the future. We are working to increase our flights over the weekends as well, please stay tuned for release date on those particular flights.  
Westjet is making a schedule change to the flights arriving to YKF from Calgary.

Still hoping that there will eventually be room for a morning and evening flight. Given the paucity of transit options to get there, besides driving yourself, the best way to get to the airport was to have a friend or family member drop you off or meet you there.

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