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Cycling in Waterloo Region
For biking on the right-hand side of cars, I've not seen anything that explicitly states that it is illegal, but also nothing that explicitly states that it is legal. Since bikes are vehicles on the road, we're obligated to follow the same laws as cars unless otherwise noted.

I interpret those factors as meaning that we're not legally allowed to pass on the right in a single-lane scenario, unless we're making a right-hand turn, same as cars.

Whether or not I always operate my vehicle according to the law is another question. I think the comparisons above to speeding and rolling stops are appropriate in this case as well.
The worst is when a car will pass me extremely close on a single lane road, seeming to say to me that I should hug the curb and be treated like I have a bike lane, and then at a red light they will pull right up to the curb despite going straight or turning left, preventing me from coming up on the right in this theoretical bike lane they've indicated they want me to behave like I have.
In Japan on your drivers test you'll actually fail if you *dont* do that (block the lane by hugging the curb).
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