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Cycling in Waterloo Region
(01-07-2019, 10:44 PM)Spokes Wrote: I'm glad they're trying something new. Although the location is curious

I think the location makes sense, Huron Rd. has a MUT along it, and Strasbourg Rd. just had one built (I think it's done), so the configuration is right, and this makes a major intersection safe, which connects a ton of housing, with schools, employment areas, parks, and if you squint, the rest of KW Tongue

it's also a major enough intersection to prove and test out the concept of a dutch roundabout, but it's still between two city road, so the city can do it without working with the region.  It's probably the biggest roundabout the city owns.

Ya that's a good point. Maybe it makes more sense than I initially realized.
It is neighbouring a high school that has much of its catchment a long walk, but reasonable bike ride, away. Also, Strasburg is set to be connected southwards soon, and the added vehicle traffic means a better bike solution is good to get in place now.
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The regional budget is out in a survey, and it's kind of the opposite of Kitchener's in terms of cycling.

It mentions active transportation in one of the survey questions (https://www.engagewr.ca/2019-budget),
where it asks if $0.44 increase in the active transportation budget is good value (for the record, the Cycle WR pledge was $13 from the region--I don't know what the current budget is...). I didn't know how to answer that, it's better than 0, but, like, barely.

And frankly, I cannot even find mention of active transportation whatsoever the budget issue papers (https://www.regionofwaterloo.ca/en/regio...Papers.pdf)  or the full budget (https://www.regionofwaterloo.ca/en/regio...t_Book.pdf) although I think that's because the region doesn't bother to split it out.

This is a lack of leadership and care from the region council and staff.  It's so frustrating, because Kitchener seems poised to do great things, but I have serious doubts whether they will succeed with dangerous roads crisscrossing the city that they cannot fix.

It's incredibly disappointing to see the region, fail--again--to address these issues.  A governments priorities are found in the budget, and there is no priority here.

As a more general point, I found the Kitchener budget presentation to be far easier to follow and understand than the Region's...hell, like I said, I cannot even find reference to one of the things they asked in the survey, I have no idea what they intend to spend the ~250k they're proposing for active transportation region wide on.
I had an MEC gift certificate, and used it to buy some studded tires.

I think the first thing I noticed as I switched them over, when I held my old tire in one hand, and the new one in the other, is just how much heavier they are! I'd estimate they're 2.5x the mass. I didn't expect that, for how small (and sparse) the pins are, but I suppose there's a lot of extra meat in there to support the backside of the studs.

Riding is noisy! It's dry out now, so of course this was probably the worst time to switch over.

The icy spots I'm used to are a breeze now and I have full confidence there... and on dry pavement I almost went down twice when my back tire skidded out... but I would have done the same in 10 other places with my old tires. So I've traded a LOT of slipping around on non-clear sections, for full confidence in those sections, and a little bit of sliding around on dry pavement, which I am guessing is just going to be a learning curve.

I don't take corners hard or fast so I think this was a good move for me.

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Studs are heavy and slow, that's for sure... nice to have if you end up in icy spots often though. I was out near the covered bridge and found some icy gravel roads where the sun doesn't shine but usually I just stick to plowed roads in the winter and don't really need studs. I think I'd like a fat bike but I don't wanna carry it up to the second storey and I already have too many bikes anyway.

On my ride today I saw a man parked in the bike lanes over the expressway on Lexington... gave him a WTF jesture but he was too busy looking at his phone to care. Otherwise it was awesome to be riding in the dry sunshine.
Definitely not for everyone, but for the type of trails that I ride on, is exactly what I was looking for.
For daily ion construction updates, photos and general urban rail news, follow me on twitter! @Canardiain
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