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Cycling in Waterloo Region
Which bike show is it that you are going too?
So the Suntour NEX inner chainrings are not replaceable - the inside two are a single unit as clasher suggested might be the case. Suntour seems to use a 24mm spindle, which is the standard size for Shimano cranks. Something like the M640 crankset may work and you could probably find it for less than $150. The SRAM NX X1 crankset is probably a cheaper option yet, but you'd have to replace your bottom bracket with a BB30 or GXP bottom bracket. Replacing your OEM bottom bracket isn't necessarily a terrible idea, but it'd probably bump the cost up another $50-$100.

If you guys are interested in the bike show, you might also be interested in WCC's bike swap at the Waterloo Rec Centre from 2-5pm on Sunday.
(02-21-2018, 07:15 PM)danbrotherston Wrote: Which bike show is it that you are going too?

I think they're talking about the Toronto Bike Show on the first weekend of March.
@jaminican Ahh, thanks. So it isn't *this* Sunday--the source of my confusion. I was disappointed because I am in Toronto this Sunday, but not the following.

I would think if one wanted a 1x setup without the cost of actually buying the 1x equipment, you could probably just remove the from derailleur and keep the triple chainring. I don't think having the other chain rings would harm anything other than weight. Of course, it's moot if you wish to change the rings anyway.

I've been tempted to do this on the only bike I have that has 3x gears currently, but I do occasionally use the little ring for climbing the particularly big hill up to work...perhaps I'm just weak.
Thanks for the feedback guys!

Dan - Yeah, it's the Toronto show, March 2-4.

Jamincan - The rings on my front are actually bolted, not riveted, thankfully. The way it is set up is the smallest ring is bolted to the middle ring, and then the middle and largest ring are bolted together with the "+" of the crank in between. So, I could easily remove the smallest ring, but to remove the largest ring, I would need shorter bolts.

The guys at work (other cycle guys) were telling me that I should be fine to use a 9/10 front sprocket if I wanted to go to the narrow-wide profile on an 8, because the chains get narrower as you go from 8, to 9/10, to 11 (11 being the thinnest - makes sense). There don't seem to be any narrow-wide sprockets ~36t for an 8-gear rear cassette chain (probably because everyone doing 1x up front wants at a minimum 10 gears at the back).

I've actually been playing around on my last several rides just trying to settle on "one ratio" and see what I would want as a setup if I were to ever buy a fixie...
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Single speed commuters are actually pretty popular for winter commuting amongst some of my friends. I'm not sure you actually want a fixie...
I’ve never tried one. I think there’s an allure to controlling motion entirely with the cranks.

...but I also want an Omafiets, a Priority Continuum, a R&M Charger and a pennyfarthing. Tongue
For daily ion construction updates, photos and general urban rail news, follow me on twitter! @Canardiain
I've only ever ridden fixed gear on the track, which is admittedly a slightly different ball game. If you do end up going that route, make sure you equip it with front brakes at the very least. I think it may be a legal requirement in Ontario, which is likely persuasion enough for you, but you also probably already understand the benefits of front braking over rear braking.
I used to ride a fixed for all my commuting but that bike is on the freewheel side now since my housemate used it as well. Fixed can be hard on the knees, especially doing skid-stops and pushing a harder gear up hill is something I found aggravated my knees. I ride a ridiculously low ratio on that fixed commuter, 36x16. It's easy enough to spin up most little hills in town and I can still spin fast enough to cruise between 20-25 which is all the speed I want in-town. The nice thing with the fixed commuter is that my drivetrain is all stainless-steel.

I don't know if bike forest still rents bikes but they had a smaller penny farthing that I got to ride once when it came to a critical mass here, years ago. Kinda neat but I dunno if I'd want one all the time.
(02-22-2018, 07:48 AM)Canard Wrote: ...but I also want an Omafiets... and a pennyfarthing. Tongue

From anyone else, I would think this was pejorative, but...
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