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Icon 330 | 25 fl | U/C
July 28, 2015
The  corner tower is now up to 13 floors and the second tower is on 3rd floor of the podium.
[Image: QGttbmz.jpg]

[Image: lI0fI8H.jpg]
14th floor almost done. Windows and cladding climbing.


Tower two is steadily rising.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

[Image: YQtrZbFG.jpg]
Podium is nearly full height now, which is 6 storeys.

The south tower is already working on the 7th floor.

The north tower is on the 23rd floor, good chance it tops out before Christmas.
Almost there! The lease centre opened Nov 7 behind the construction site...

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It looks better than I expected (but maybe the finished product will let me down). Are the vertical bits (whatever the word is for those) the final colour, or will they end up being black like in the render?
Clear glass instead of tinted black would've made this project a million times better.
I don't get the columns on the podium section. From the pic, it looks like beige stone giving way to brown brick at the top of the fourth floor. Why would they not extend the stone to the top of the podium?
[Image: meet-icon-skyrise.jpg]

If I'm looking at this rendering correctly, some of those columns should eventually be black. This is off of their student rental site.
I rather prefer the use of tinted glass. It will help keep the look of the tower clean. I don't need to see all of the furniture and personal belongings of everyone who lives in there.

The columns are either "white" "brick", or "black" "brick". (Really, they're off-white/off-black precast panels with brick-shaped detailing)

A lot of the vertical details are still just the raw exposed (blue) ICF.
(11-10-2015, 10:26 AM)firex Wrote: [Image: meet-icon-skyrise.jpg]

If I'm looking at this rendering correctly, some of those columns should eventually be black. This is off of their student rental site.

What is with that picture? Where the trees supposedly are left of the building is actually a gas station, and Columbia is I believe much closer to the building. Am I somehow misinterpreting the illustration? I don’t expect to see accurate traffic for example in one of these renderings, but as far as I can tell this one is just plain incorrect.
Also, it will unfortunately have completely dead walls on the opposite side of that view. I'll get a picture soon.
This is in the same tone with all of the advertising for icon 330 and 145, for example the video on the website (http://iconwaterloo.com/) shows numerous shots indicating that the building shown is the subject project but in fact it is Luxe II. The sales center advertisement on the side of the 330 construction fence is talking about Icon 2, which I have not seen 330 or 145 referenced as previously.
Do you think its smart to invest in a 1 bedroom + den unit in icon 330? I would be living there and renting the other room..

Im just worried that price might go down with all the new proposed condos, what do you guys think?

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