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The Breithaupt Block | 16 m | 4 fl | U/C
That's strange. I cross Breithaupt on Moore often lately, and haven't found it particularly bad. It's true that it's a longer distance than it might normally be, given the angle at which the streets meet. But I've found drivers to be reasonably courteous there, at least so far. What have you found bad about it?

I don't have any big complaints about the roundabout at Union and Margaret, since I'm not often there. Occasionally I've walked there with my kid around rush hour, and, as I've found with most roundabouts, many drivers don't yield the right of way as they should.
Ever since travelling through England, I've wondered if a painted traffic circle would be understood here: https://goo.gl/maps/4vRRQgcch472

It wouldn't take up much more space than a standard intersection. There's a few places in town I could think of that might work better with this sort of control.
Is there something odd about the top floor of render or are my eyes playing trick on me? It looks like there is glass along the east side (Duke side), but then nothing supporting the north, west, or south sides. It also doesn't look the same size as the floor below. Is it a giant overhang?

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4351]
Everyone move to the back of the bus and we all get home faster.
Your eyes are playing tricks on you. The Breithaupt top floor (mechanical likely) wall (in grey) is in the same plane as the rightmost triangular section of blue glass of the floor below it. The blue is cut off because of the beige(?) rooftop on which the mechanical top stands. I believe your mind is making you think that the blue glass is traveling parallel to Weber instead of to Breithaupt.
(10-10-2017, 09:52 AM)urbd Wrote:
(10-10-2017, 09:31 AM)Spokes Wrote: Is Google occupying the whole building???  That seems huge, but would be great

As far as I know, yes! not 100% sure, but 90%  Angel

Wow, that's a ton of space they're occupying between the two buildings!  Thanks for the info.
One thing I've been wondering about is the location of the private parkette. The article says that it will be at the corner of Moore and Wellington, but it is not apparent in the render. I'm wondering whether it won't be further back along Wellington - i.e. behind the tower and the parking garage?
It's between the tower and Wellington.
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What's the plan for the area behind the tower then? Will it remain a parking lot?
The linked zoning application has a diagram:

I think I wasn't paying attention - I thought that area was part of the existing parking lot - I didn't realize there were houses there.
Thanks for posting that site plan, that really helps to visualize things.

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