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City Centre/Young Condominiums | 67 & 46 m | 17 & 12 fl | U/C
Up 2 floors in less than a month, the warmer temperatures must be helping.

[Image: 16789066706_14d162884c_b.jpg]Growing Skyline by Matt M S, on Flickr
April 19, 2015

A View from Charles St Terminal

[Image: 9Cxcs35.png]

April 25, 2015

Currently on the 14th floor.

[Image: p7CYCaX.png]

[Image: lLWI3Iq.png]
No sunshine available when I took my photo ... Sad 

[Image: 12kohmS.jpg]
A little over two months... (Feb 20 - Apr 27)

[Image: 16737850221_1f52e09f10_c.jpg]City Center Rising by Matt M S, on Flickr

[Image: 17270448626_0781fd2efd_c.jpg]City Center Phase 1 by Matt M S, on Flickr
Has anyone heard of an update on the % of units sold?
Glazing is going in today (third floor).
May 23, 2015 - 1 More floor to go

[Image: V22uc0u.png]

[Image: IxnDjzT.png]

[Image: qePnuZO.png]
The pace of construction continues to accelerate! What was the intended delivery date?
Here is another view, with the city hall in the picture ... sorry about the weird colour balance, not sure what my phone was doing.

[Image: wpsOQZt.jpg]
Crazy that after so many years of talking about this, it's almost topped out
(05-24-2015, 09:37 PM)BuildingScout Wrote: The pace of construction continues to accelerate! What was the intended delivery date?

I know that some purchasers have received early-December occupancy dates. 
A view from Victoria Park:

[Image: HAH4ZAi.jpg]
Glass is going on quickly. The colour should have a nice contrast with City Hall
[Image: OjUJ8FM.jpg]
Top of the building now taking shape ...

[Image: cTXaPSu.jpg]
I think the building is looking good, much better than I had expected.

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