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Fallowfield Towers | ?m | 12 fl | U/C
The Drewlo buildings are actually quite good quality rental stock (imo).  They provide lots of people with reasonably priced housing.  I suspect if you were to compare 'per square foot' rental prices of their buildings vs City Center or 1 Vic, you would find that the Drewlo buildings are serving an entirely different demographic.

And yes, their buildings are not 'fashion forward'.  However, they are building quality buildings that are somewhat of a timeless design.  They may not have all the glass and fancy finishing, but they are built to last.  It remains to be seen if we can say the same about some of the shiny new buildings that have popped up.
And we need multiple demographics, and housing for them. So if Drewlo builds some reasonably-priced mixed-use rental housing at King and Madison, I think that will be a very good thing for downtown.
I agree. We lived in their tower on Queen and Courtland, and LOVED our time there.
Drewlo getting love..... WWWHAAAATTT??? Smile
My main interest is in how the Drewlo buildings interact with the street. The architecture is forgettable and that's OK. They're offering good rental housing, which is a pretty big deal.
(02-08-2016, 12:10 PM)REnerd Wrote: My main interest is in how the Drewlo buildings interact with the street.

Same here. Not all architecture can be award-winning, and it’s okay if some isn’t, even in the core. But at an urban location such as King and Madison (and even outside of the cores, I think), we don’t want big setbacks and especially not parking in front that can hamper the street experience for everyone.
If they want to appeal to council based on being mixed-use, it only makes sense for it to count as such if it is built in the form of mixed-use, i.e. street-fronting, not hidden behind parking. Similarly, there is the noted concern of Drewlo getting sound levels experienced by residents due to the highway down to acceptable levels; putting parking next to the highway vs. putting the buildings next to the highway is a very simple way to help alleviate (or worsen) this.
^ You've confused this thread with the new Weber buildings, sounds like
Rental buildings in Ontario as a whole tend to be a lot older and in dire need of renovation. If you want quality, you have to pay for it. Drewlo seems to offer an alternative to that.

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