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Williamsburg Walk | ?m | 4 fl| sales
Williamsburg Walk
325 Max Becker Dr, Kitchener
Developer: RBJ Schlegel Holdings and Reids Heritage Homes
Project: 4 floor condominium building

[Image: 0M2R76f.png]


if someone knows the exact location of the building please contribute that information and I will add it in this space.

site plan

if someone has a copy of the site plan for this location please let me know so I can add it to this space.

Williamsburg Walk is set in a thriving Kitchener community

September 2014 | The Market Surge | LINK

Quote:A new four-storey condo coming to Kitchener, Williamsburg Walk is set in a prime location. Owning a residence at the 325 Max Becker Drive address is truly enviable as it will be in the heart of Williamsburg Town Centre. The master-planned promenade focuses on pedestrians and is home to a charming and accessible streetscape, anchored by a Town Hall. It’s no wonder why it picked up an award for outstanding site design.

The condo by RBJ Schlegel Holdings Inc. and Reids Heritage Homes will be conveniently situated among countless amenities. Running daily errands will be a breeze thanks to the 30 unique vendors operating out of Williamsburg Town Centre. Grab a coffee, take a trip to the salon or meet up with friends for dinner. Anything you might need will be just outside your door.

A complete, urban neighbourhood, Williamsburg Town Centre is conveniently situated within Kitchener. Commuters will appreciate the simple access to Highway 85 and the 401, making travelling to surrounding communities a snap.

It’s a fuss-free lifestyle. There’s no need to shovel snow or clear out the gutters when you call Williamsburg Walk home. However, the low-rise building will create a sense of intimacy. The Williamsburg Community Association is a particularly active group and the nearby community centre offers plenty of programs for kids and grown-ups alike.

Schools and abundant park space are just around the corner. There are plans to bring a new green space to the southwest district, which would bring soccer and multi-purpose fields to the area. Currently, residents can enjoy the Max Becker Common down the street as well as Rittenhouse Park, which is home to baseball diamonds, a playground and plenty of pathways through the green space.

Looking for something a little more wild? The Borden Wetlands, a naturalized area with plenty of trails, is just ten minutes away on foot.

Make this community your own. Suites start from the low $200,000s.
The lady at the sales office claims they'll begin construction on the first building this month but she also said they've only sold about 16 of the units which makes me doubt an October start.
Do you know how many units there are in total?
I don't remember exactly... I think around 46 for the first building.
Fence and trailer are now on site at the corner of Max Becker and Commonwealth.
Seems a bit late in the year to start anything doesn't it?
I dont see why they couldn't start digging now. It's not ideal, but the machines can handle it.
(11-15-2014, 10:26 AM)Spokes Wrote: I dont see why they couldn't start digging now.  It's not ideal, but the machines can handle it.

Its not about the machines - its about the increased cost of costruction.  At a certain temperature concrete needs to be heated to set properly and steel needs to be heated to weld properly, these additional costs drive up the cost of construction and results in the reason we have two seasons - winter and construction Smile

Not sure what the 'cut-off' date for breaking ground would be .... but I reckon it is somewhat soon.
Ahh yes that's fair.

I wonder if it's a situation where given how long the wait has been to break ground they feel like it's worth the additional cost rather than waiting a few more months?
Could it just be for show to tempt potential buyers and make it look like construction is imminent?
(11-15-2014, 07:40 PM)JoeKW Wrote: Could it just be for show to tempt potential buyers and make it look like construction is imminent?

Possibly, during the last iteration they had a trailer up for a while.
Sunday Dec 21, 2014 - Williamsburg Walk development site
[Image: B5bRGtbCcAAtVJ4.jpg]
Are the slow sales a reflection of a slowing market or of an overpriced development?
(12-22-2014, 12:05 AM)BuildingScout Wrote: Are the slow sales a reflection of a slowing market or of an overpriced development?

Just guessing here, but it seems to me that greenfield developers have generally overestimated the demand for apartment-style condos at the edge of town.

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