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King-Victoria Transit Hub
(04-17-2018, 11:56 AM)Viewfromthe42 Wrote: "To fill the remaining positions, Metrolinx Design Excellence will select two (2) Panel
members from the current Metrolinx Design Review Panel roster of recognized
architects, urban designers, landscape architects, engineering, and planning experts."

So the ad-hoc positions still aren't really open.

Not quite. Metrolinx will select two, to bring the expert panel to four.  But the steering committee can select two ad hoc panelists, as I quoted above:

Quote:KVTH Steering Committee may choose to approve two ad hoc panelists from the list of applicants or from the Metrolinx Design Review Panel roster.
I still read that as the panel requiring applicants to be for positions (2 architect, urban designer, landscape architect)
"Panelists shall be chosen in the following way:
1. The KVTH Project Team and City of Kitchener Planning Division will jointly solicit
applications from qualified individuals with recognized expertise in architecture, urban
design, landscape architecture, public art, transportation engineering, and planning. "

They *have* to have 2 architects, 1 urban designer, and 1 landscape architect. But the remaining two spots could be 2 architects, 2 urban designers, or any combination of peoples deemed to be qualified applications as per above, in addition to the Metrolinx variety. Which still does not have unqualified individuals as acceptable members.
There are up to eight spots total. As I posted earlier (highlighting changed):
(04-17-2018, 10:52 AM)tomh009 Wrote:
Quote:The JDRP will have a minimum of six (6) members, excluding the chair, and shall be comprised of at least two architects, an urban designer and one landscape architect. Public art, engineering and planning experts would also be invited to apply. To balance expertise on the Panel, or to help ensure quorum, the KVTH Steering Committee may choose to approve two ad hoc panelists from the list of applicants or from the Metrolinx Design Review Panel roster. The maximum size of the JDRP is eight (8) panelists.
Yes, size isn't the question, qualifications is. I read the document as requiring 2 architects, 1 urban designer, and 1 landscape architect, and then 2-4 more members who can be any combination of architect, urban designer, landscape architect, etc, but *not* non-technical general-population people.
Well, yes and no … they can be "applicants" (using the form on the web site), not just from the KVTH pool or Metrolinx. So it is open to new applicants. But they are looking for people with relevant expertise, not representatives of the general public, so if I were to apply, I would be unlikely to get selected.
Do we have updated (or even the older) image renderings for the Transit Hub and when will this be built and operational?

*Seeking updates*
I would say that this is probably the most recent drawing we've seen.

These are some of the originals from back in 2014.

Nothing concrete though.
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