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King-Victoria Transit Hub
(03-21-2019, 02:06 PM)Canard Wrote: So many people here have never touched actual design or engineering I see.

All good intentions and “it looks so easy!”, but the real world doesn’t work like that.

I’d say you know less about what I’ve touched than I know about design and engineering.

If you think there is something wrong with what I wrote, please explain. Are you claiming that one cannot design a building such that it is capable of taking the load of a much larger building built on top later? Or do you claim that it is no harder to install new larger foundations and columns within an existing building than it is in a blank-slate building? What exactly is your criticism, other than that people are bouncing ideas around?

Personally I think the discussion has been pretty respectful of the lack of information available to a casual conversation like this — I’m not the only person who has suggested ideas, but tempered them with some consideration of the potential problems and difficulties. And in this particular case, I don’t think anybody has even disagreed with any professional work product.

(03-21-2019, 02:22 PM)jamincan Wrote: That is stunning.

It is.  I wonder what it cost?  It's gorgeous, but doesn't look (to me) like a $40m + building.
As a point of comparison, the Stephen Hawking Centre at the PI was $30 million.
Will this design be part of some sort of architecture competition?

Would something like this possibly draw (inter)national attention?

Who is the dream starchitect/architect - surely there are some architects here with some dream designers for something like this?

It would be too exciting if done as a competition that people could vote on.
Region taking on construction of transit terminal portion of hub in downtown Kitchener
Quote:The landmark mixed-use development planned for downtown Kitchener will now be built in stages, and Waterloo Region will look after the transit portion.

"We are going to take on the construction of the transit hub," Coun. Tom Galloway, chair of the region's planning and works committee, said Tuesday.

"Then we'll chunk out the commercial, residential piece at a later date."

The original plan for the parcel at King and Victoria streets was to have a master developer look after the entire site, which would include transit infrastructure as well as residential, office and retail uses.
"It's no change to the overall vision for the site," said Ellen McGaghey, the region's director of facilities and fleet management. "They weren't going to do it all at one go, anyway."

This way the region can move forward with the transit terminal, which will seamlessly connect passengers on Ion, GO Transit, Via Rail service and Grand River Transit, while having more control over the look of the hub.

"This is going to have a high level of design. This is going to be an iconic building," Galloway said.

The province has committed $43 million for the transit-related components of the project. It's not expected the stumble with the master developer will significantly affect the original schedule, with construction on the transit hub expected to be completed in late 2021 or early 2022.
I work as an ironworker so I have a pretty good idea about how buildings go together. It's totally plausible to build it. The manulife building on Water street was built to support a tower. I also work for an engineer and they aren't always the smartest people around... on Thursday I cut a piece of a giant tube out of a chute because it had a hole in it and the boss decided that somehow having the new piece made bigger than the piece that I took out was a good idea. Engineers and designers are notorious for making fancy things in CAD that can't actually be fabricated in real life so the knife certainly cuts the other way when it comes to the "engineers-know-best" attitude.
(03-20-2019, 10:29 PM)Canard Wrote:
(03-20-2019, 08:06 PM)bgb_ca Wrote: I'm sure it's easier to add supports for one now then to retrofit it afterwards without them. If they do it right, it can be easily done.

So many armchair engineers and architects, wow!

Well I am someone with a master's in architecture, so I can say it is indeed entirely possible to do something like this, actually. It might add more steps to a design and building process, but it's in no way impossible to do.

What is built will most certainly be designed and constructed in such a way that it can be expanded on - unless for some reason they decide beforehand that there would be no taller structures built here. But, that is highly unlikely because of how important this intersection is going to be to the region (it will be home to the main train station, transit hub and exist in an increasingly densified area). You'll definitely see larger projects grow here, but not anytime soon. There is a big difference between architects concept of something and reality.
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