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Cambridge Memorial Hospital Expansion | ?m | 4fl | U/C
(06-28-2015, 03:56 PM)Osiris Wrote: And I would certainly put it in Waterloo as Cambridge has their own and it's reasonably central to the city.

Where do you envision the demand being?

I'm not sure, as I don't really know what the requirements and demand for hospitals are. I think a location around Fairway / Freeport / Sportsworld might make sense.
January 3, 2016

[Image: RIV7kf3O.jpg]
It's grown nicely; I haven't been down there in ages.
The construction company has a webcam with updates on progress every 15 minutes.
Cambridge Memorial Hospital is getting nearly 1 million dollars for some facility upgrades.

It could certainly use it.

I wonder how much bigger it can get before they need to consider a new site. There isn't much they can eat up at the south end.

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