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Image Hosting
As you can see some of the images on the site aren't showing since we've reached photobucket's bandwidth limit. Does anyone know if there are any good hosting services that don't have bandwidth limits? Hosting them locally is an option, but obviously there are limitations there too and increasing that then comes back to the issue of financing the site.
Have you tried Imgur?
We've looked into it, the only downfall is that they rename the files.
I think Dropbox might ban hotlinking, otherwise they would be good as well.
 Came across this one.   Unlimited from $9.95 a month...not sure what that means

(10-01-2014, 02:05 PM)rickhd Wrote:  Came across this one.   Unlimited from $9.95 a month...not sure what that means


The free one shows as having Unlimited Bandwidth, unlimited albums and unlimited storage space.

The only benefit to the Upgraded $9.95/month is it allows you to rename and resize images, etc.  The free one might be perfect or use here.
Anyone know anything about them in terms of reliability?

I can do some hosting on the site, but the number of pictures can add up quickly. My guess though is that's the best option? Anyone offer some insight there?
I'm personally OK with imgur renaming everything. It also means WRconnected gets an imgur gallery account that can be browsed independently of the site and link back to it through social medias.
For the longest time, I used ImageShack for free, but recently, they changed my account to a "free" 30-day subscription and now I have to pay a minimum of $3.99 a month for a basic subscription. Does anyone have any suggestions for another decent image hosting site?
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