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End of Prohibition
(01-14-2019, 10:18 AM)Spokes Wrote:
(01-12-2019, 02:19 PM)Coke6pk Wrote: It would be silly to block them.  Mississauga has decided to block legal retail stores.  I guarantee you I can find dozens of "guys" in the city to sell me weed.  Blocking retail stores (or not having them conveniently nearby) will help the black market continue and thrive.


I don't see how you could justify it.  a) it's legal, so why wouldn't you.  b) you can buy it from OCS, so why wouldn't you?

Speaking personally, given that I must use a credit card, and that has my identification, and given the leaks that have ALREADY happened from OCS of personal data, and given the sensitive nature of the purchases in terms of international relations and travel, I can say absolutely if I was to try it, I would NOT buy from OCS.

(01-14-2019, 10:35 AM)panamaniac Wrote: The problem is that the location allocation was regional (i.e. X for SWOntario) so there is no assurance that any one city will get an outlet.  I see in today's news that big retailers are trying to hunt down the lucky lottery winners to offer them sweet deals on franchises.  Major sh*t show.

Welcome to a Ford government.
The various UpTown residents associations are already lobbying the City of Waterloo to say no, on the basis that they don't feel 150m exclusion zones around schools are sufficient, that they don't want to see stores near UpTown, and pushing a lot of opinion quotes from opposed politicians in other cities, at times along the lines of "it will bring more crime I'm sure" (odd since they are signing up for more illegal drug dealers in the absence of legal means).

In some ways, this is a bit of an issue like Bill 66, where a company might want to locate next to the tri-cities for their employees, but the cities might find that the company would pollute a lot and say no, but then any township could say yes, and allow the company to set up, say, downstream on the township's waterway, right on a border with a neighbour, dumping pollution into that neighbour, while reaping the economic benefits for themselves. I see it as similar as in the end, it's a bit of a game of chicken. Undoubtedly (I would say) a store would want to open nearest to customers, so in a city, not a township. If you say "no" to shops, then you can't get the additional money from the government, but if you're one of the townships who likely won't see the single licence for our Region leading to a cannabis retailer in St. Jacobs, you can feel safer in saying "yes". Mind you, maybe more shops are allowed later on, but the real game of chicken is between the three cities, and again, Cambridge probably knows that Galt or Preston or Hespeler won't be the site for any shop.
Kitchener and Waterloo city councils have both voted to approve cannabis retail stores.
As they should
(01-14-2019, 07:55 PM)panamaniac Wrote: Kitchener and Waterloo city councils have both voted to approve cannabis retail stores.

Sanity reigns. At least at the municipal level.
...at least for now.
You think the decision might be reversed? That seems unlikely to me.
No no, I just mean that sanity has reigned, for now. There's usually some insane things happening.

I don't think they'll reverse it.
Also, Cambridge also approved pot shops.

I have a feeling WRPS saying they would like everyone to do the same influenced things a lot
Do the sanity comments mean that anyone who disagrees is insane?
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Probably. But in all likelihood it was probably just a light hearted comment meant to have some fun
(01-16-2019, 12:45 PM)Canard Wrote: Do the sanity comments mean that anyone who disagrees is insane?

It's a legal product now, just like alcohol and tobacco. Banning retail stores doesn't keep it out -- people can buy it in the next town, or online. Or they can buy it from illegal dispensaries, when we really should be trying to manage this (just like we manage alcohol and tobacco) instead of handing the proceeds to various criminal elements.

So, yes, people banning retail sales are less than logical in my opinion. Smile
Were the locations of the stores announced yet?
Cannabis retail shops are scrambling to open on time across Ontario
Quote:Just two of the seven lottery winners for the West Region — a vast chunk of the province that stretches from Waterloo Region to Hamilton to Windsor — have filed their retail store application.

One is for a proposed shop in St. Catharines, the other is in London. It won't be known where the other lottery winners intend to open a store until they enter into a public notice period.
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