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Drewlo Downtown project | 22 & 18 fl | U/C
Is it actually stuck in red tape? I was under the impression the city had extended the boundary for development exceptions.

I just assumed they were slow getting started for some reason?

(08-18-2015, 04:15 AM)ac3r Wrote: Just rediscovered this project tonight. It seems like it's stuck in red tape which is too bad. This side of downtown desperately needs developed. The Record helped by moving into old market square and the new market brought a little life to it, but it's still a wasteland: empty lots, closed down businesses, decrepit buildings, squats...

Squats?  Really?  Where?  I have been walking a lot in this neighbourhood, I have not seen anything resembling a squat.

Down to Cedar, King Street is in decent shape.  Not upscale, but most of retail space is occupied and (seemingly) thriving, and there are no empty lots to speak of.  On the other side of Cedar, though, there are still the same empty lots and the decrepit car dealerships that were already empty and decrepit in the 1970s.
There is a sweet car wash down there though. They do a great job. And Sushi Stars and B&T. All good places.
B&T is always impressively busy.
Fusion sold this land to Drewlo, expect some more Drewlo towers here.
(02-04-2016, 04:57 PM)ibuildstuff Wrote: Fusion sold this land to Drewlo, expect some more Drewlo towers here.

(02-04-2016, 04:57 PM)ibuildstuff Wrote: Fusion sold this land to Drewlo, expect some more Drewlo towers here.

I have no particular love for the current Drewlo buildings, but it would probably still be a big improvement on this site, which has consisted of fallow parking lots and run-down car dealerships since the mid-1970s.  At the minimum it would bring more people to the core, and specifically the southern (or eastern, if you prefer) edge of downtown, which has been lagging in terms of development.
As a resident of this neighbourhood, I can say that this cannot get started soon enough.  Those parking lots are awful and the vacancy promotes all kinds of anti-social behaviour.

I wish city council had voted in favour of lowering the development charges on this site.
I sometimes work near here and welcome almost any kind of residential building at this site... hopefully there is some ground floor commercial and not just a bland grey tower but this area could use some more people.
i thought council had included this block in the extension of the development charge exemption?
I desperately hope this is still an intelligently built, dense, mixed-use project. We can't afford anything less, on so big a footprint, so close to an LRT stop.
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That is too bad, I was really looking forward to seeing what Fusion had planned for this project. Let's hope Drewlo does something different here.
Drewlo has done reasonably urban projects. If they build something like http://assets.theliftsystem.com/p/drewlo...London.jpg I'll be pretty happy. It won't be as nice as some of the fancy condo projects, but it will be far more affordable and bring a lot of people with mid range incomes downtown.
Maybe they'll build this! http://www.therandallresidences.com/therandall/
(02-04-2016, 11:21 PM)notmyfriends Wrote: Maybe they'll build this! http://www.therandallresidences.com/therandall/

Randy! All I can hope for is that there is a cheeseburger plaza on the other side of that building. The whole website is hilarious though. I can't even read it with a straight face. "Step through the grand double door entry where a warm welcome from your Concierge could be accompanied by reassuring flowers for a special occasion or the delivery of an important parcel". Flowers or a package?! Who knows, every day is a rollercoaster livin' at the Randy!
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