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Ahh, I see - thanks!

$50 (Wroute) + $30 (GO) is a bit steep per person ($160 for two people) for a day trip, but would be a fun way to get there. Still far cheaper (albeit much less enjoyable) to just drive the whole way, unfortunately...
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IMO that's insane to travel 100km. I think non-presto GO prices are already high at $17+ each way
(01-03-2019, 11:03 PM)Lens Wrote: IMO that's insane to travel 100km. I think non-presto GO prices are already high at $17+ each way

The government per-km rate is 55c/km for the first 5000 km. $17 is pretty much the cheapest that one can actually pay to travel 100km; is there any cheaper way? Travel is actually kind of expensive.
This is an awesome idea and so glad someone is trying to make a business work.

I think we've had the discussion before how most people don't properly account for how much their driving costs per km. Although obviously a service like this scales poorly (for the consumer) the bigger your group of people you have traveling together. But for a single person doing an ad-hoc trip, this seems like a pretty nice option.
Has anyone used the service on a regular basis?
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