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Gastropub No. 29
I went over to Gastropub No. 20 (120 Ottawa St N) today because I was craving their chicken club, which is, imho, the best hot sandwich in town. Anyway, I discovered that their hours have changed and they are no longer open for lunch on weekdays.

For anyone who hasn't been there, it's worth a visit. The have a decent selection of craft beers and the food is definitely a step up from the usual pub fare.

Definitely worth going. Their pizzas are great, although I believe only available after 5pm.

And great beer selection. If you're a craft beer person, chat with their owner and bartenders, it's a treat.
They missed the new hours, but gave Gastropup No. 29 a very good review in the Record.

http://www.therecord.com/whatson-story/ ... pub-no-29/
They are back to lunches and have three new burgers!
Really? That was a quick turnaround! Good news for me because I prefer them for lunch.
Except they don't have pizza for lunch. That's the only thing I don't like.
I tried GastroPub No.29 for dinner tonight. Arrived about 7:30 and it was a busy night! The food was great and the staff was very friendly - even when they were run off their feet. The owner came to the table at the end of our meal for a short chat.

I definitely will be returning.
I feel like they'll do particularly well pre and post Ranger games and other events at the Aud. Just as long as people know about them.
Gastropub No. 29 has updated their menu (pizzas are gone, several new hamburgers). I went in the other day for lunch and was pleased - the quality of their food and its presentation remain well above average pub fare.
I'm sad to see their pizzas go.

I was talking to them a few weeks back, I believe they were replacing the pizza oven with a smoker.
I've gone there a number of times and been disappointed with the speed of service. Typically for work lunches or pre-Aud event dinner. I don't think i ever got out of there on time. Lunches were typically dead and the dinners were packed. The food is good, and the pizzas were amazing...but when they discontinued pizza, there wasn't enough to convince me to come back. Maybe if I have a few hours before another Aud event? too bad since its the closest place...
I went here the day before there new menu took effect. Most items weren't available and we got generally bad vibes so we walked out without ordering.
(07-04-2015, 09:45 PM)JoeKW Wrote: I went here the day before there new menu took effect.  Most items weren't available and we got generally bad vibes so we walked out without ordering.

The "not available" thing was temporary while they were changing the menu, but you are not the first who "got generally bad vibes".  It always surprises me because I find it such a friendly place. 
they are currently having a very public spat online through twitter and facebook about poor service. Frankly I tend to agree with the customer that critiqued their quality of service...

I've said it before - too bad because the food was excellent (esp the discontinued pizzas). Ah well, there are plenty other restaurants to try in town...
Never a good idea to get into a public spat like that. Oh well.

I've always had good experiences there though. The only bad one being the "unavailable" issue due to changing menus, so I'll give them a free pass.
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