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GO Transit
The main advantage of the train over the taxi ride is reliability. I've been stuck on the Gardiner while driving to the airport and trust me, it isn't fun. Everyone in the car was sweating bullets.

(12-12-2014, 10:57 AM)plam Wrote: I'm not seeing that they're thinking about "all passengers" here in building the UP.
IMO that's the problem.

They should have built the basic mass-transit service first. There are thousands of airport workers alone who would use the service several times a week. That would have provided a steady, predictable revenue stream. But most of these people are relatively poorly paid. They can't afford the fares, even with discounts. Likewise for people who aren't Pan-Am games "dignitaries" or Bay Street bankers.

In cities where the airport is serviced by conventional mass transit fares are half or a third (and often even less) than UP's fares. Those trains are heavily used not only by people going to the airport but also by people travelling to other destinations along the route.
UPX sure is a hot topic everywhere

YYZ - Rail link downtown to Pearson

and RFD has even longer thread

Let me just quote some prices from FT

IMO, $20 one-way with Presto is fair
People can still take $3 TTC or Taxi if they like

Quote:[i]ARN to downtown Stockholm SEK 260 -- CAD 39.67
[i]OSL to downtown Oslo NOK 170 -- CAD 27.23[/i]

CDG to Central Paris 9,75EUR -- 13.91
HKG to Central Hong Kong 100 HK$ -- 14.81
YVR to downtown Vancouver $9 -- 9.00
ORD to downtown Chicago 5 US$ -- 5.74
SYD to downtown Sydney 16.40 Aus$ -- $15.64
NEW to downtown New York City 5.50 US$ -- $6.33
ATL to downtown Atlanta 2.50 US$ -- $2.88
NRT to downtown Tokyo 1500 yen -- $14.53

You provide a mix bag of options (subway vs rail, mass transit with many stops vs express trains)
ORD is subway, certainly cheap but not speedy
Add another to the list of express trains - LHR has Heathrow Express for £21 and Heathrow Connect a little more than half-price at £9.9 ($18-38)
When we were in the UK a few years ago, we landed at Gatwick and had 2 options to get into London; Gatwick Express or a local train. Gatwick Express was 3 times the price, and faster once moving, yes - but local trains came more frequently and ultimately I think we got downtown in the same amount of time.

We wouldn't even be having this discussion of the Etobicoke RT had been built... but don't even get me started on that one. Rolleyes

As others have stated, there are already (3) non-private-car options (at least) to get to Pearson. Having a 4th as a premium/high speed service is a non-issue and was inevitable (late, even). The only thing unacceptable about UP is the paint scheme. Seriously, who came up with that?
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Attention moderator. Can we split this thread into GO transit & UPX discussions?
I used to be the mayor of sim city. I know what I am talking about.
Some may have had questions about Baden when Metrolinx announced the Shirley Drive facility / purchase of the Guelph sub through Kitchener.  A few answers from The Record.
With two facilities here long-term (5-10 years at least, if not longer), especially the bus parking, can we expect to see some major GO/Metrolinx proposals for non-Toronto and/or Square One terminating services?

I expect that the Shirley site got bumped up as GO figures out how to re-arrange, or possibly abandon the existing train sidings due to the King Street underpass work.
The Shirley site likely won't be ready until after the King St underpass is complete.

We've already seen a relatively stealthy launch of a new service. There is now a not-infrequent Waterloo-York University bus.

I would not be surprised to see mdruker's dream of a Waterloo-Aldershot service come into being once we have a bus storage facility.
(01-26-2015, 01:30 PM)Markster Wrote: The Shirley site likely won't be ready until after the King St underpass is complete.

We've already seen a relatively stealthy launch of a new service.  There is now a not-infrequent Waterloo-York University bus.

I seem to have missed that or am only vaguely aware of it. What's the route number for Waterloo-York?
It is the 25F. It does not yet operate all week.
(01-26-2015, 04:29 PM)Markster Wrote: It is the 25F.  It does not yet operate all week.

Thanks, good to know.
I would love an Aldershot bus. The drive down Highway 6 isn't very taxing, but it's still a drag.
Are you kidding?! Hwy 6 is awful, I can't believe how stupid people drive on that stretch.  It's amazing more people aren't killed each year on it. I swear one day I'm going to get run off the road for "only" driving 10 km/h over the limit on the stretch just South of Morristown.

Back to GO... I wonder when these puppies are coming online:

[Image: nivjQzG.png?1]
For daily ion construction updates, photos and general urban rail news, follow me on twitter! @Canardiain
I drove 6 every day for a few months when I was doing an internship in the Aldershot area; I guess I'm desensitized to it. Guelph Line is much more sedate. Would still choose a bus to Aldershot over driving myself any day of the week.
Guelph Line is a great route, agreed. Very relaxing (and scenic) drive. There are some wonderful back roads in that area if you're looking for some Sunday-afternoon drives.

(Pedestrians and cyclists, cover your ears, pretend I didn't just advocate driving... For FUN! Horrors.)
For daily ion construction updates, photos and general urban rail news, follow me on twitter! @Canardiain
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